Download The Vegas Bluff [PDF] By Ajme Williams

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The Vegas Bluff book pdf download for free or read online, also The Vegas Bluff pdf was written by Ajme Williams.

BookThe Vegas Bluff
AuthorAjme Williams
Size1.4 MB

The Vegas Bluff Book PDF download for free

The Vegas Bluff Book PDF download for free

I was right all along…
Amelia was like all the other women he never wanted to see again after a night together.

In fact, it turned out to be worse than her.

let me make a backup…

It’s true when they say Las Vegas should be burned down.
I would burn it myself after being married to a woman and not remembering it.

Was Amelia playing with me?
From the way he was sweating and screaming in shock, he didn’t think so.

My heart lied to me and begged me to believe in its authenticity.
You know, maybe she wasn’t after my money or prestige after all.
Perhaps her beautiful body contained a heart that could truly love.

Boy was I wrong.

Instead of finding an honest heart, I discovered a wicked secret that made me rewind time and undo the moments I spent in the bedroom with her.

She was a demon in human form.
A demon that now wears a wedding ring… and carries my baby.
Can this Christmas Eve bring me any more surprises?

The Vegas Bluff is all about Christmas and more. It’s the typical Ajme holiday solution: heartbreaking and moving. Sip on a mug of hot chocolate and indulge in this second chance pregnancy romance secret. This book is part of the Heart of Hope series but stands alone. The books do not have to be read in order.

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The Vegas Bluff Pdf Download

Amelia and Max met while trying to get a lift from the airport and wanted to get in the same car. They shared the ride. You did it. Max was there to find places to open a new club while Amelia lived in Las Vegas. They spent a few hot days and nights together before Max had to go back to New York. Do you think they will see each other after Max returns to New York or would it be a one time thing? Read this book to find the answers.

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