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November book pdf download for free or read online, also November pdf was written by Sybil Bartel.

AuthorSybil Bartel
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November Book PDF download for free

November Book PDF download for free

Hacking a major government agency was my first mistake. My second thought they wouldn’t find me. Nineteen hours later, five armed men broke down my door.

I had a choice: prison or conscription.

The Air Force took me in and trained me to be the best cyberspace operations officer they’ve ever had. Being the overseer of strategic operations for the military was an honor, but it gave me a purpose. I never traveled without security until I made my third mistake.

Twenty-two hours later, covered in blood and barely able to stand up after events I didn’t have the freedom to speak out about, I erased my past, changed my identity, and disappeared from view. Then I came to Alpha Elite Security. I was really invisible… until she saw me.

Codename: November.
Mission: Separate.

NOVEMBER is a standalone book in USA Today bestselling author Sybil Bartel’s exciting Alpha Elite series. Meet Nathan ‘November’ Rhys and the reigning alpha heroes who work for AES!

November Book Pdf Download

The first part is the story of cybersecurity genius and Air Force hacker Hunter and “sub” Atala. She is suspected of being part of a terrorist network. He has been watching/following her through his computer and believes she is innocent. Which it turns out she is in more ways than one. Hunter is 100% focused on rescuing her from the cell that kidnapped her.

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He is a dominant and when they meet she tells him her name is “Sub” as men have called her. His life story on his beloved ship/boat and the simplicity of his life will tug at your heart. Will Hunter be able to protect her from the men in the cell who are looking for her? She reminds him of the “butterfly” she is named after. Will he be able to free he

r or will he keep her? Can he protect her, protect her and free her in a life on the run?
Part Two… Four years later… Nathan Rhys aka November no longer works for the Air Force but for AES (Alpha Elite Security… see previous books in the series… all stand alone) Directed by a team of former SEALS and Black Ops Forces. In search of his “butterfly” he developed facial recognition software. can you find her
For Nicole it was four New Years.

He knows that she was saved near Prague by an old woman who lived in a dilapidated farmhouse. she knows that she was seriously injured and needed to heal. When the pain in his head is too severe, he has seizures and doesn’t understand why. He’s got no memory, 5 passports, 5 credit cards, a damn matchbox with 2 words on it and he needs a job. She discovered it as a stewardess on yachts. He has no idea why he is adept on a boat and on the water. She’s short on cash and unaware of the million dollar accounts she’s likely to use.

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She lands in front of the tavern whose matchbox she has. In November he runs as much as 4 years ago. And a new adventure begins.
Who is “checkmate” who has been following November for 17 years on the internet. Who is the terrorist “Z” who was the fifth man involved in the kidnapping of Atala? Is the terrorist cell active again or is this a different one? Will “Nicole” find the answers she and November desperately need?
Sybil Bartel has written her most scathing AES novel of the series. As always, his characters are deeply flawed and ex-military and experts in their fields.

The women they work with are equally complex and connected, compassionate, passionate, focused, and uncompromisingly strong and resilient. November and Atala are those characters. He IS a dominant man. A loner His keyboard skills were evident in all the books in the series. He can locate anything and anyone… he’s so skilled. Atala is more complex in that she tries to find clues as to who she is and what connections she has to “Checkmate”, if any.

This reader cried, hurt himself, and couldn’t put the book down. This complicated love story is worth reading as it spins in circles, a page turning excellent barn thriller. Readers will stay awake and try to read just one more page until they’re done. Are the questions answered? Will there be a HEA? You just have to dig deeper. Get on the roller coaster! You will not regret it. It’s a powerful story written by a talented and powerful storyteller.

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An unbelievable feat. A fast paced and captivating story that turned the pages. Ms. Bartel did what she does best. She spun a brilliant story about November and Atala. Full of twists and turns, intricate characters and witty dialogue, this story grabs you from the first line and doesn’t let go.

November is a hacker with a colorful past and Atala is a lost soul. Together they are delicious perfection with combustible chemistry that jumps off the page. United by circumstance, they take on international terrorists and embark on a journey that will change them both.

I love all your stories but this one is definitely one of my favorites. Add in the superbly written AES team dynamic, a sexy, multi-faceted, uncompromisingly dominant hero, and a scheming woman with a troubled past who’s stronger than she thinks. Wrap that in a world-spanning, suspenseful story, and you have a story that will make you laugh, cry, and beg.

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