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Suspects book pdf download for free or read online, also Suspects pdf was written by Danielle Steel.

Danielle Fernandes Dominique Schuelein-Steel (born August 14, 1947) is an American writer best known for her romance novels. She is the best-selling living author and the fourth-bestselling fiction author of all time with more than 800 million copies sold. As of 2021, he has written 190 books, including more than 140 novels.

Steel has spent most of his career in California, publishing several books a year, often juggling as many as five projects at a time. All of his novels have been bestsellers, including those published in hardcover, despite “a striking lack of critical acclaim” (Publishers Weekly). His books are often about wealthy families in crisis, threatened by dark elements such as prison, fraud, extortion and suicide. Steel has also published children’s literature and poetry and established a foundation that funds organizations working with mental illness. His books have been translated into 43 languages, 22 of which have been adapted for television, including two that have been nominated for Golden Globes.

Steel married French-American banker Claude-Eric Lazard in 1965 at the age of 18 and gave birth to their daughter Beatrix. Steel and Lazard separated in 1972. While still married to Lazard, Steel met Danny Zugelder while interviewing an inmate at a prison near Lompoc, California, where Zugelder was also being held. He moved in with Steel when he was paroled in June year 1973, but returned to the prison in early 1974 on the robbery and rape charges. After receiving her divorce from Lazard in year 1975, she married Zugelder in the prison canteen. During their relationship, Steel suffered multiple miscarriages. In 1978 he divorced Zugelder.

AuthorDanielle Steel
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Suspects Book PDF download for free

Suspects Book PDF download for free

Theodora Morgan is a fashion queen. As the founder of a popular online shopping service, she’s one of the most successful businesswomen in the world, although she’s been keeping a low profile, especially in recent months. It was a year ago when the unthinkable befell her family and her husband, tycoon Matthieu Pasquier, and their son were kidnapped and held for ransom, a nightmare that ended in tragedy.

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The case has gone cold despite having the evidence linking the crime to Matthieu’s Russian competitors. Theo has reluctantly returned to work to run his company.

While flying to a launch party for one of her highly anticipated pop-up stores in New York City, her paths cross with socialite Pierre de Vaumont. Theo politely invites him to his event, unaware that Pierre has been chosen by the CIA.

Senior CIA Supervisor Mike Andrews investigates Pierre’s suspected Russian contacts and lets him into the country, but when he realizes Theodora Morgan is on the same flight, he worries for her safety. Mike poses as a lawyer and goes undercover, starting at Theo’s opening party. When Mike and Theo meet, their connection is instant, but Theo is completely unaware of Mike’s true purpose or identity…or that the life he’s rebuilding is in grave danger.

Suspects Book Pdf Download


Theodora has just received the most heartbreaking blow when her husband and only son were killed by a failed ransom. It may seem like she has it all, but Theodora was stunned when her son was snatched from her forever at a tender age. Her husband, who was much older than her, is also a great loss. So I felt terrible for Theo and also for someone else. They lived in Paris, but Theo caught the eye of a top CIA agent in New York named Mike, who also felt protective of her. Mike communicates with two international agencies, his counterpart at MI6 and also the CIA’s French equivalent, the DGSE, which stands for Direction generale de la securite exterieure.

Theodora has just come out of seclusion for a year while running her and her late husband’s businesses from home and has just been persuaded to work behind the scenes at her fashion store in New York and two other cities. As Senior CIA Agent Mike deals with Theo’s loss, he worries for his safety because the assassins got away with it. He boldly shows up at her New York event, posing as a lawyer, and buys one of her designer paperbacks, telling Theo it’s for the only family he has left: his sister.

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He’s so impressed by her vulnerability and authenticity that he invites her over for a simple dinner. It takes place at a diner where they eat delicious burgers and share a banana split. There’s a spark and chemistry they both sense how much fun they were having. Mike expresses that he doesn’t want to cross borders since she lost her family. She assures Mike she had fun and he travels to Paris a month later and she is more than ready to meet again. Mike, meanwhile, keeps Theo safe by increasing his security details by contacting both colleagues in Europe.

This cements Danielle Steel’s talent in her latest novel, Suspects, who can write action-packed suspense while continuing to fight for Theo’s safety by writing authentically about international government agencies and how they interact. Yes, it was a romantic novel, but intriguing and interesting. I really enjoyed this and am amazed at how Danielle Steel is able to create believable characters with real problems. I’m as always impressed by how he manages to create novels with different and varied storylines. I am grateful to have read this and it came to me at just the right time. Theo and Mike are just beginning the unpredictable paths their lives will take.

Danielle Steel Suspects is another of her enchanting romances. How he manages to turn every story into an epic romance is beyond me. More importantly, it starts with someone who isn’t part of the romance but doesn’t really play more than a minor role. Theo was CEO of her own company, which she started 15 years ago after graduating from college. I was planning to do a Master of Business but that never happened. He was too good at business.

She married a much older man who was also a businessman and they had a son, Axel, and a good life in France. One of the many possessions they owned was a castle on the outskirts of town. One or the other of them would drive there with Axel and the other would drive them there after they met or whatever. There were no servants there. They liked being alone.

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This time someone had met with the Matthieu and Axel there and kidnapped them. The ransom was high, but Theo had it and wanted to pay it. The authorities convinced her to pay half with a promise that they would give her the other half. The kidnappers panicked and found the bodies of Matthieu and Axel near the castle.

Axel had been in Matthieu’s arms when he was killed, and Matthieu followed shortly thereafter. Theo had been grieving for over a year and was eventually persuaded to travel to New York, Dallas and Los Angeles to help with makeshift tents. He met Mike entering the backroom in New York and kept in touch.

They are both older characters, with Theo in his late 40’s and Mike just in his 50’s. Mike held a high position in the CIA and when he met Theo, he vowed to bring the family’s killers to justice. He had many contacts with law enforcement agencies in Europe, so it wasn’t difficult to get involved in the largely unsuccessful investigation. Apparently her husband had teamed up with a Russian to open shops in Russia.

Having invested almost twice as much as his partner, Matthieu pulled the plug. It turned out to be too difficult. Now the Russian wanted his money and was serious about it. When Theo was in Los Angeles, Mike had decided he had to see her again, so he invited her to dinner. The rest is history. These are two adult characters. Although they came from different cultures, they got along well and a friendship developed. Mike’s job was a desk job, but he missed being into the field. Theo’s little trip to the US had roused her from her rut and she was ready to join life.

They were both likable characters who were easy to like. Their lives were very different, but each had the means to continue the long-distance friendship. They were decently written characters and it was a simple plot for the most part. It’s an excellent feel-good romance, which is why Steel stands out.

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