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Taming Mr Walker book pdf download for free or read online, also Taming Mr Walker pdf was written by Rosa Lucas.

Born and raised in Scotland, Rosa lives with her husband on the south coast of England, where she enjoys sitting on the beach and dreaming of new heroes.

BookTaming Mr Walker ( The London Mister Series Book 1 )
AuthorRosa Lucas
Size1.4 MB

Taming Mr Walker Book PDF download for free

Taming Mr Walker Book PDF download for free

Taming Mr Walker is a long-running, sizzling foe-love standalone romance starring a brooding CEO and a feisty, sarcastic young heroine.

Taming Mr Walker Book Pdf Download

What an unexpected diamond from a hidden book in the Kindle Store!

I stumbled upon this book by accident and am incredibly glad I did. A very engaging read with well written three characters. Beautiful writing style that grabbed me from the start. I really appreciated the real life scenarios of an ordinary but lively and determined girl in her 20s living in London. There were some amazing laughter scenes in this book. It will be a while before I stop laughing at a certain “guest” at the rodent dinner.

The tug of war of the main characters (Charlie and Danny) was well written, this author really captured the emotions (of various kinds!) and takes you on an immersive but fun ride. The supporting characters were fabulous and well developed. The hot scenes are well written and not overdone.

There are some typos in the final chapters (wrong words) as others have pointed out, but that in no way detracts from the final scenes. The thrill of the roller coaster that will leave you breathless doesn’t stop at all.

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It was really fun to read and I had to keep going until I was done. It’s set in England and the author is English, which I really liked; Also, this appears to be his first book. Danny and Charlie have known each other for 20 years and he’s about 12 years older, although that’s not really a problem since she’s 28 when the story begins. I loved the typically English humor and the pub scenes. There were a lot of drunk hangovers with Charlie and his friends and… passing liquids at the end (or beginning) of the night… to say the least. Yes, I think Charlie is too old for this, but it all made for funny scenes.

The misconceptions and misunderstandings have been edited, but I’ve never really cared about romance going well. The romance was a tug of war, yes or no. At first the M/h have lovers, so keep that in mind, but nothing is really written in detail about the other partners. (No intimate scenes). There are some very hot sex scenes that were well written and quite over the top in places, but it was all in the name of entertainment.

So, a fresh voice in the world of romantic comedy and I look forward to reading the next book about Danny’s brother that is out now.
I loved the story, maybe even missing some editing issues, and I’m looking forward to re-reading it to fully appreciate it.
There were a few laughs for me that added to my joy. Dinner was particularly entertaining. I like the idea of ​​trying the new things.

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Danny and Charlie are interesting characters, with some flaws and baggage, but also charm. Charlie is definitely insecure at times, leading to some misunderstandings, but he’s still a realist. His brother made me smile even though his mother and sister were a challenge. I especially liked that she dressed in comfortable everyday clothes and was able to be herself instead of falling into the always-dressed category.

Danny is a great character with a complex character and a sad background that is sensitively referenced. His grandmother was great and added satisfying information to the story.
Charlie’s friends had personalities, but they cared deeply about them.
This is a new author but I would love to read other books by her especially if there are more romance and laugh out loud moments.

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