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The Couple At No 9 book pdf download for free or read online, also The Couple At No 9 pdf was written by Claire Douglas.

Claire Douglas has been a journalist for 15 years, writing reports for women’s magazines and newspapers, but has dreamed of becoming a writer since she was seven. She finally got her wish after winning the Marie Claire Debut Novel Award for her first book, The Sisters, which became a bestseller. She lives in the Bath, England with her husband and the two children.

Claire Douglas is the award-winning author of seven standalone thrillers, THE SISTERS, LOCAL GIRL MISSING, THEN SHE VANISHES, DO NOT DISTURB, LAST SEEN ALIVE, JUST LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS and her most recent, THE COUPLE AT NO. 9, number one on Amazon and number three on the Sunday Times bestseller list. His books have sold over 500,000 copies in the UK and have been translated into twenty languages.

BookThe Couple At No 9
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The Couple At No 9 Book PDF download for free

The Couple At No 9 Book PDF download for free


When a pregnant Saffron Cutler moves into 9 Skelton Place with her boyfriend Tom and sets out to do some renovations, the last thing she expects is for the masons to discover a body. Actually two bodies.


Forensics show the bodies have been buried for at least thirty years, prompting police to question the cabin’s former owner, Saffy’s grandmother Rose.


Rose’s Alzheimer’s means her memory is becoming blurry. He can’t help the police, but he clearly remembers something.

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As the Rose’s fragmented memories resurface and the police investigate further, Saffy fears that she and the cabin are being watched. . .

What happened thirty years ago?
What role did your grandmother play?
And now Saffy is in danger? . . .

The Couple At No 9 Book Pdf Download

The Couple at No 9 tells the fascinating story of three generations of women from the same family, Saffy (24 years old), Lorna (her mother and grandmother aged 41) and Rose (Saffy’s grandmother aged 78). When Rose moved into a retirement home, Saffy and her partner Tom (and Rose’s little dog Snowy) moved into the small house she owned at Beggar’s Nook. And what’s a name, it’s as it should be, at Skelton Place they actually find 2 skeletons in the back garden. Who are they and who killed them? It’s clear they’ve been there for a while, did anything happen in the 80’s when Rose lived there?

They try to ask Rose about it, but their answers don’t make any sense. I couldn’t understand the things he shared. You talk about Sheila, Jean and Victor… but who are these people? Although the alternate chapters set the days of 2-year-old Rose and Lorna in the past, there are no such characters in their lives. The only thing I really cared about was that Rose was very protective of her daughter and that she had run away from someone. When he meets this woman named Daphne, he feels related and can’t help but let her into his life. Does this mark the beginning of his downfall?

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I had no idea who the two bodies were, my super detective skills failed me terribly, Claire Douglas is so good at not giving anything away before the time is right. All I can say is that reading this novel you will not know anything, and I am convinced that there is no fortuneteller able to predict the truth of the matter in the heart. This is not an easy riddle, but there is a whole story about the past of these women who were peeled like layers of an onion. So many questions were raised and so many of those answers gave the story an unexpected twist.

Claire Douglas is a buy-in-yourself writer to me, and don’t worry that will change in the future. I have enjoyed every book I have read so far and with The Couple at number 9 he has delivered yet another intelligent, insightful and engaging novel.

It’s not uncommon for marketing blurbs to describe a book they think people will want to read rather than what the author actually wrote, but this is one of those rare instances where the story is significantly better , is more complete (and certainly less melodramatic). than its propaganda suggests.

This is the second book I have read in the past few weeks that has been influenced to some extent by the true life story of Mary Bell. When the young couple Saffy and Tom settle in the old house of Saffy’s grandmother Rose, they have no idea what they will unearth there and what shocking journey of discovery will lead them.

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If you’re looking for an action-packed page turner that moves at a carefree pace, this probably isn’t the book for you. While the pace isn’t exactly slow, the author has taken a considered approach, and for the most part the layers of mystery unfold very gradually. There are many interesting twists and turns, but I suspect the pace of the story may not be to everyone’s liking. While there was never a point I didn’t enjoy reading, there were times I felt it would have benefited from a faster pace.

The characterization is impressive throughout. Every single protagonist is well drawn and fully sculpted, making them totally believable and relatable. The story is also plotted very elaborately and holds together very well. It has to be said that an event or two tends to be too convenient, but they are necessary mechanics to move the plot along. In general, however, these cases are forgivable.

Overall, Claire Douglas has managed to produce an engaging and at times emotional crime thriller that has piqued my interest and is highly recommended.

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