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The Evening And The Morning book pdf download for free or read online, also The Evening And The Morning pdf was written by Ken Follett.

BookThe Evening And The Morning
AuthorKen Follett
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The Evening And The Morning Book PDF download for free

The Evening And The Morning Book PDF download for free

We write the year 997 AD, the end of the Middle Ages. England faces Welsh attacks to the west and Viking attacks to the east. Those in power twist justice to their will, disregarding the common people and often in conflict with the king. Without really a clear rule of law, chaos really reigns.

In these quite turbulent times, three characters find their lives intertwined. A young shipbuilder’s life is turned upside down when his home is invaded by Vikings, forcing him and his family to move and start a new life in a small village where he doesn’t fit in. . . .

A Norman noblewoman marries for love and follows her husband across the sea to a new land, but customs in her husband’s homeland are startlingly different and she soon realizes that a single misstep can be disastrous. . . . A monk dreams of turning his humble abbey into an educational center admired throughout Europe. And each, in turn, finds himself in a dangerous conflict with a cunning and ruthless bishop who will do whatever it takes to increase his wealth and power.

Thirty years ago, Ken Follett published his most famous novel, The Pillars of the Earth. Now Follett’s masterful new prequel, The Evening and the Morning, takes us on an epic journey into a storied past of ambition and rivalry, death and birth, love and hate, that will end where really The Pillars of the Earth begins.

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The Evening And The Morning Book Pdf Download

The year is 977 AD. C., at the end of the Middle Ages, and Lady Raginhild, known as Ragna, a beautiful red-haired French noblewoman, lands in England to marry the man she loves. She will marry Wilwulf, the Eldorman of Shiring. Until today her life had been privileged, as the daughter of the Count and Countess of Cherbourg, she grew up in Cherbourg Castle in a happy and loving environment.

Lady Ragna’s life will never be the same again, she will live a completely different life in England, which is in a state of great turmoil, repelling not only the attacks from the west by the Welsh, but also the terrible invasions of the Welsh. Vikings from the East. King Ethelred, who is not a strong ruler, does not have a clear rule of law, so chaos and bloodshed reign.

A constant in her future life in England will be Aldred, a monk whom she met when she was visiting Cherbourg castle. Aldred dreams of building a library and scriptorium at Shiring Abbey.

Meanwhile, a young man, Edgar, the son of a shipbuilder, and his family are devastated by a Viking massacre in their village of Combe. His father and the woman he loves are killed and the family shipyard is destroyed. Edgar, his two brothers and his mother move to Dreng’s Ferry and start a new life as farmers suffering great poverty and hardship.

On Lady Ragna’s journey to her new home in Shiring, she stops at Dreng’s Ferry for the night. Lady Ragna and Edgar meet at Dreng’s Ferry and a lasting friendship begins.

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The reader will find that they are not only shocked, dismayed, and angry at what is happening to the three friends, but also enlightened as to what life was like in the Middle Ages.

A wonderfully gripping look at life at the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Middle Ages, The Evening and the Morning is a great prequel to the Kingsbridge trilogy.

Ken Follett’s new book The Evening and the Morning, a prequel to the Kingsbridge trilogy, offers an incredible insight into England’s dark ages. There are so many well-researched facts intertwined with history that it’s easy to forget it’s fiction. This story is a masterpiece featuring narrative threads of characters and plot; great mixtures of love, lust, religion, court, everyday life, death, brutality, romance, pathos, etc.

It was a pleasure learning about our local Anglo Saxons, Normans and Vikings. Such sensory descriptions, visceral storytelling, Ken Follett knows how to make his characters come to life for us readers. I learned so much about England in the Middle Ages that I wanted to learn more. Thank you for this opportunity to read and comment with other readers. A great book club that brings stories and characters to life simply because I’m not reading it alone. Many thanks to Ken Follett for bringing us another masterpiece and for being such a masterful storyteller of historical fiction.

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