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A Time Of Blood book pdf download for free or read online, also A Time Of Blood pdf was written by John Gwynne.

BookA Time Of Blood
AuthorJohn Gwynne
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A Time Of Blood Book PDF download for free

A Time Of Blood Book PDF download for free

Drem and his friends are haunted by the horrors they witnessed at the Battle of Starstone Lake: the screams of men turned into beasts and the sight of a demon rising from the dead. But worse than any memory is Fritha, the high priestess of the deadly demon. And she hunts them.

Hidden in the Forest of Forn, Riv knows that her mere existence poses a threat to the Ben-Elim. She represents her most dangerous secret, and when the warrior angels find her, they will not hesitate to silence her.

As the demonic forces multiply, they send a mighty army to overthrow the angelic fortress. As heroes of old, Drem, Riv, and the Bright Star warriors must fight to save themselves and their land. But can light triumph when darkness falls?

A Time Of Blood Book Pdf Download

A Time of Blood is aptly named. There are great moments of triumph, but also some great losses in this book. Deceptions, alliances and betrayals, along with a great Kadoshim uprising against the Ben-Elim and the Land of the Faithful.

I’ve found that some of the best fantasy stories I’ve ever read come from the author being able to give you both sides of the story through multiple points of view. John Gwynne does this easily by having various characters convey the story through his eyes.

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While I enjoyed the narratives of Drem, Riv, and Bleda’s story, Fritha’s new point of view added some dimension to the battle of good versus evil. There really isn’t an all-good side though, because the Ben-Elim seem just as corrupt as the Kadoshim in a slightly different way.

Fritha is deeply involved with the Kadoshim trying to revive Asroth, the Lord of the Kadoshim, who is currently frozen in the Ben-Elim Fortress. The lengths she’s willing to go to in this story to capture Drem and create her gruesome new creations are terrifying and mind-boggling, yet compelling, and as much as I want her dead, I’m also strangely drawn to the character of she. I enjoyed learning more about her motivations, and even though I don’t play for her team, she is a good and smart villain.

Drem, this poor boy has learned and lost so much in a short time. He has gone from a lonely life as a trapper with his father to escaping from the Kadoshim with a small group of elite soldiers. This is a boy with a destiny and I’m not sure if he will survive to the end of the series or leave in a blaze of glory. I love that you can’t be sure of Gwynne’s handwriting.

When Drem travels to learn of the danger to the Order of the Bright Star, he finds himself alone with some superstitious and mythical creatures. Each fight is dynamic and entertaining.

The story of Riv and Bleda is somewhat intertwined. They are dwarfs and became friends in A Time of Dread. For my part, I was hoping this would eventually lead to more in this book, even though Bleda is in an arranged marriage with someone else. They are a good team and I think in the long term they can teach each other a lot.

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I had some doubts about Riv since her wings were broken in the previous books and there was a lot of movement on that front. While I don’t like Ben-Elim either, I think the direction they took in this book was a step in the right direction. Still, Kol, the new leader of Ben-Elim, is on my list of the ten people I want to see die in this series.

Bleda’s and Riv’s points of view each show us something different in the story. Riv allows us to follow the events in the inner circles of Ben-Elim, while Bleda allows us to know what is happening on the human front. As the threat draws closer, each takes greater risks for the other, drawing some lines in the sand that can never be undone.

“There are really many things in life that are out of our control, events that really drag us down, actions that keep us trapped in their consequences. Stop worrying about things you can’t change. Just be true to yourself and also do what you can. Love those worth loving and go to the Otherworld with others. That’s really all any of us can do.”

There is a lot of action until the very end and Time of Blood is a very appropriate title as there was a lot of it. This ended in a really horrible way and no one is sure it will lead to the next book. Gwynne wove an intricate story with great world building and character development. We’ve started running here, so there’s not a lot of downtime in general reading.

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Another wonderful story from Gwynne. I am very curious about the prequel series and hope to start once the final audios are out. I think he will add even more depth to the series.

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