Download The Ex I’d Love To Hate [PDF] By Nadia Lee

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The Ex I’d Love To Hate book pdf download for free or read online, also The Ex I’d Love To Hate pdf was written by Nadia Lee.

BookThe Ex I’d Love To Hate
AuthorNadia Lee
Size463 KB

The Ex I’d Love To Hate Book PDF download for free

The Ex I'd Love To Hate Book PDF download for free

This book is divided into Part 1 and Part 2: First Aspen and Grant are in their sophomore year of college, then 14 years later when they meet face to face again. We start with a spoiled and arrogant tool, Grant, and a determined and self-absorbed Aspen…then there’s a little swoon as he tries SO MUCH to be more than he falls in love with Aspen, only for it all to fall apart. So he’s a total D bag for most of the book. Seriously, you’ll hate him for 85% of the book, although we can see that he genuinely believes he’s been wronged.

I won’t lie, I struggled with this a bit. I wanted to take a break and read some more because it was so awful. It’s not that he didn’t believe the author would redeem him, he knew she would. He wasn’t entirely irrecoverable. But because part of me really wanted him to be destroyed with the truth and realize what a Class A idiot he is and then let Aspen reject him and let him go.

The Ex I’d Love To Hate Pdf Download

Aspen has been knocked down over and over again. Orphaned as a child, she is raised by her loving (but not wealthy) grandparents. Determined to finish college on a scholarship so she can eventually earn enough money to pay back her grandparents for everything they did for her, she spends this book being wildly reminded over and over again that she’s definitely in the belonged to the have-not category. It’s brutal, but somehow she breaks through. She is so determined to care for her ailing grandfather that she relentlessly tolerates all the abuse Grant throws at her and never lets him see her break down.

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While I didn’t understand the ending where she rejects him and walks away, I was very pleased when the truth comes out and Grant realizes how wrong he was. And he’s devastated. It was delicious. He uses that big brain to count every undeserved whip he’s thrown at her and every bit of abuse he’s hurled at her. It was actually pretty perfect. I loved his rainy balcony scene and was reasonably pleased that his HEA was earned and not forced. There was no hackneyed “grand gesture” where fmc is expected to forgive mistakes just because they said so.

So be prepared to start out with an immense dislike for him, followed by a small swoon and then intense hatred, but end with a full heart when they finally get it right.

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