Download The Wife Next Door [PDF] By Rona Halsall

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The Wife Next Door book pdf download for free or read online, also The Wife Next Door was written by Rona Halsall.

BookThe Wife Next Door
AuthorRona Halsall
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The Wife Next Door Book PDF download for free

The Wife Next Door Book PDF download for free

It should be the perfect break…

Just because it’s over between us doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. My ex-husband and I still love each other dearly and are determined to put our sweet little boy Toby first.

We have now moved into neighboring homes with each of our new partners and their children. We even tore down the garden fence so Toby can walk between our houses without any problems.

But apparently not everyone is happy with this big blended family. I try to ignore the misspelled note on the New Home card, the red pen on my divorce papers, and the day I find myself locked in my house all the keys are suddenly missing…

But I can’t pretend it’s all in my head when a false accusation is being leveled against me that could destroy my life and Toby’s forever.

Someone doesn’t like what’s happening under these two neighboring roofs.

What they don’t know is that they are messing with the wrong person. And this hell ain’t got no rage like the woman next door…

A psychological thriller that will leave fans of Girl on the Train, Gone Girl and The Couple at No.9 in awe.

The Wife Next Door Book Pdf Download

I liked the premise of this story and its uniqueness of having an ex-partner who now lives side by side with new partners who also have children for the sake of their young son. It was really interesting to see how this dynamic played out, quite well at first until it all stopped being…

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My heart goes out to Jess who really puts Halsall to the test! I could feel her stress as strange things happened and the hits kept coming! I had my suspicions as to who was behind all this, but in true Halsall fashion, he took the sand out of my eyes!

This is a great read and kept me awake well past my bedtime! So gripping and intense that it really made your heart beat faster! Well written and executed, the pacing is fast and one more chapter turns into another, then another. In short, a very entertaining read that I recommend to lovers of psychological thrillers.

Jess and Rob are getting divorced but want to make it as easy as possible for their son Toby. They decide to buy houses next to each other and live as one big family with their new partners and children.

Jess tells the story of strange things that happen once they move into their new house. She questions the arrangement and also her ex’s new partner. I loved how this story flowed from chapter to chapter. Some chapters lasted a sentence later than the previous one. This book is a quick read because you don’t want to put it down. So many questions and unexpected twists until the thrilling ending!

Wow! This book kept me in suspense from the start. Rona Halsall kept making me guess. All the time I was reading about Jess and how no one would believe what was happening to her, I started to doubt my own sanity! This book grabs you from the start and you won’t want to put it down!

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In The Wife Next Door, author Rona Halsall divorces a couple, Jess and Rob, amicably. So close that they decide to live in neighboring houses (with their new partners) so that their son can continue to have two parents close by. Things start to go wrong almost immediately. Jess doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

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