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The Faceoff book pdf download for free or read online, also The Faceoff pdf was written by Cali Melle.

BookThe Faceoff
AuthorCali Melle
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The Faceoff Book PDF download for free

The Faceoff Book PDF download for free


After going through a nasty breakup during my freshman year, there’s a guy I refuse to get involved with.

Everyone on the varsity hockey team.

Hayden King is arrogant, cocky, has a playboy reputation and I don’t like anything about him.

A drunken summer night turns into a bad decision for Hayden. One that I swear I will never do again.

But once senior year begins, there is no escape. He is wherever he goes, wherever he goes.

It gets under my skin and I make mistake after mistake with it.

We better learn from our mistakes before our hearts really get involved…


Eden Finley is as cold as the ice she skates on.

She is the best figure skater at Wyncote University and I don’t know how I missed her when she first came here.

After one night with her in the summer I can’t get her out of my head.

She has a chip on her shoulder, a bad attitude, and she hates me.

All of which only makes her more attractive.

I live for the hunt, for the challenge.

And Eden Finley has no idea what she’s getting herself into…

The Faceoff Pdf Download

Hayden King’s time to shine is now and she’s glowing!

I’ve been waiting for Hayden’s story since she first showed up. He was a mystery until now and he had to find out what that mystery was. He is the Hotshot Hockey Boy. Players on and off the field. With so many of his friends finding his persona, I wondered how and when he would find his.

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He met his counterpart in Eden. He is probably the most cheeky character in the entire series. He has his walls up and they don’t come down for anyone. She’s been through a heartbreak and she won’t let it happen again.

You see a different side of Hayden in The Face Off. He is much more than the cocky playboy. He clipped his work with Eden for him and I loved watching it.

I am obsessed with these characters and this series. I love a good sports romance. I said it before, each book in this series is different from the last. It’s really hard to have a favorite when each one was just as good as the last!

Nothing beats true enemies who get involved in so much more. Eden has a type of guy she swears she’d never date, and it turns out he’s a hockey player. So when the figure skater turns his gaze on Hayden, one of the key players on the varsity hockey team, all bets are off. Will Hayden be able to break down the walls of Eden and show him that he is not like the others? Or is it a love story steeped in regret and unhappiness? With characters that become instant favorites and a plot that made me laugh out loud, this was a great read.

Despite his fears of getting involved with another hockey player, Eden Finley can’t deny the chemistry and high he feels when Hayden King is around.

Persevering in his search for him, Hayden is determined to thaw his icy facade. However, Eden, a figure skater working toward her Olympic dreams, has neither the time nor the interest for anything other than the enemies-to-lovers deal she strikes with the Playboy hockey star. But feelings quickly get in the way of her easy setting.

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While it’s not a particularly novel story, I really liked the characters and their journey to HEA. The Faceoff was a sweet, steamy, fast-paced read. Exactly what I was in the mood to read right now.

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