Download The Family Secret [PDF] By Kiersten Modglin

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The Family Secret book pdf download for free or read online, also The Family Secret pdf was written by Kiersten Modglin.

BookThe Family Secret
AuthorKiersten Modglin

The Family Secret Book PDF download for free

The Family Secret Book PDF download for free

Ahh, a book about rich people and their intrigues. This never gets old for me and if KMod writes the book it will be even better. As I become more familiar with any of his books, I know I’m in good hands and setting myself up for something of a wild ride. You never know what to expect or what exactly is in store for you, but I always know that I will be entertained and surprised.

This book was no exception and had me in its grip from the start. Towards the end there were some scenes that I could never have seen coming, so shocking but also so incredibly funny. Another enjoyable read from the queen of worthwhile thrillers!

The Family Secret Pdf Download

At first I really liked our lead couple, Lowell Bass and Austyn Murphy. They seemed so happy and in love, and newly engaged couples imagine their happy endings. Then tragedy strikes and the two head to their family estate to take care of the matter. That’s when everything went wrong and I lost my love for Lowell.

When Austyn accidentally stumbles upon a part of the mansion’s history, she unknowingly blazes a trail that will uncover old wounds, secrets, betrayals, and yes, possibly murder. Not only that, Lowell doesn’t seem to recognize her. Maybe she didn’t know him as well as she thought. Some secrets are better left buried. Sometimes literally.

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You know the saying “If these walls could talk…”? If the walls of the Bass estate could talk, it would surely be a horror story. Goodness!! And this ending? I literally gasped! Completely unexpected!!

I love how this author develops new and creative stories with each book she writes. She has been dubbed the “Queen of Twists and Turns” by her readers, and that title is well deserved! Once again I bow to the Queen for another brilliant, exciting and twisted story!

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