Download No Home For Killers [PDF] By E.A. Aymar

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No Home For Killers book pdf download for free or read online, also No Home For Killers pdf was written by E.A. Aymar.

BookNo Home For Killers
AuthorE.A. Aymar
Size1.6 MB

No Home For Killers Book PDF download for free

No Home For Killers Book PDF download for free

I had never read anything by this author before, but was mildly interested in the book’s description. So I started reading and was hooked almost immediately. The story is complex but revolves around the death of a brother and how her two sisters deal with it. This description has all the hallmarks of what is commonly referred to as “psychological stress” in early reading descriptions, and as such I was only moderately interested in the book.

But the description “thriller” is perfectly accurate, and “action thriller” would be too. Besides its interesting and often unpredictable plot, several things make this book special. First, Aymar’s characters are much more elaborate and interesting than the vast majority of the genre, and they are all interesting in her own way.

No Home For Killers Pdf Download

The complex motivations of each character in this book are clear and add to the story. Second, Aymar also has a talent for accurately describing places without having to use a lot of words. Her descriptions of places at the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia) also add to the story, even if he’s not familiar with the area. Third, he tackles hard questions without trying to draw easy conclusions.

Much of the book deals with domestic violence and its consequences, but through different characters we see the problems of dealing with the subject in black and white, as well as the problems of dealing with the subject in grayscale. Another recurring theme is the lack of self-awareness that people have in some aspects of their lives.

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I read this book pretty quickly because the plot moves so well. But it’s also a book I’ll ponder for days. I look forward to reading more of Aymar’s work.

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