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The Fear Index book pdf download for free or read online, also The Fear Index pdf was written by Robert Harris.

Robert Harris is the author of Pompeii, Enigma and also Fatherland. He was a television correspondent for the BBC and a columnist for the London Sunday Times and also The Daily Telegraph.

BookThe Fear Index
AuthorRobert Harris
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The Fear Index Book PDF download for free

The Fear Index Book PDF download for free

At the intersection of high finance and sophisticated computer programming, a terrifying future could already be looming.

dr Alex Hoffmann’s name is carefully guarded from the general public, but he is a legend in the secret circles of the ultra-rich. He has developed a revolutionary form of artificial intelligence that predicts movements in the financial markets with amazing accuracy. His Geneva-based hedge fund makes billions. But one morning before dawn, a sinister intruder breaches the elaborate security of his lakeside mansion, igniting a nightmare of paranoia and violence as Hoffmann tries, with growing desperation, to discover that who is trying to destroy him.

Devilishly clever and suspenseful, The Fear Index gives us a scathing look at an all-too-recognizable world of greed and panic. It is a novel that forces us to question what it means to be human, and it is Robert Harris’s most compelling and daring novel yet.

The Fear Index Book PDF download for free

Robert Harris, author of The Ghost, has produced another thoroughly entertaining work, but one that runs with a thread of fear.

It’s amazing how someone who seems to have spent his entire career as a journalist and writer has managed to capture the atmosphere of modern financial trading. And in true Tom Wolfe fashion, Harris has taken real events and real people and thrown them into a kind of fictional kitchen to produce a compelling story that touches (easily and with a smile) on some of the biggest issues of the day :p . B. Evolution, global conspiracy and finance.

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The structure of the story is based on the Flash Crash a few years ago when the Dow suddenly dropped almost a thousand points in about a minute in a “flash”.

But of course Harris has some.

The premise has the following contours. The normal Joes and Josephines (?) of the world react with FEAR when confronted with the accelerating potential of man-made technology, man-made social politics, and man-made conflicts for…men…and women… and children… to destroy… and basically, everything. The Fear Index, the financial algorithm that lies at the heart of this story’s plot theme, exploits precisely this irrational quality.

Fears arising in the endless stream of impending apocalypses heralded on Flipboard and bold Pulse headlines on the themes of perpetual war, climate change and food insecurity offer an opportunity for the algorithm. A subtle imbalance arises in the collective unconscious, which the algorithm exploits like a Hapkido master. And so we fall through the air to our foolish and somewhat embarrassing death. The Something empties itself, but then turns around to buy everything underneath.

The fall hurts. Recovery is anything but guaranteed.

Of course, taking this conversation seriously for a moment, the implication is that panic is worse than technological disaster. The Fear Index is simply the tool we use to destroy ourselves. Harris apparently whispers that cold British calculation would have been preferable to our ancient mammalian and somewhat commoner tendency to wring our hands and sweatballs at the prospect of… Y2K, pole shift, aliens, 2012, Mayan prophecy , Bilderberg and the second grassy hill shooter in Dallas.

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Keep calm. help is on the way. All we have to fear is fear itself Forget all that nonsense about conspiracy and the possibility of baroque and occult powers.

But what if there are real risks built into our technologies? What if our faith in the future is really misplaced? What if our fears, especially when they are collective, are in fact an early warning that what is wrong now is simply the start of an accelerating and very slippery slope?

So it’s possible that the Fear Index algorithm will win either way, either quickly with our help or in the long run… on its own, powered only by some hidden force.

After a few sips of wine, one comes away with the conspiring idea that imagining humans as frightened beasts is possible and very, very effective. Is this how our friends at the Rand Corporation introduce us? (Of course, if there was such a thing as a fear index algorithm, they would have already written a memo or white paper on the subject at Rand or Tavistock or the Max Planck Institute.) Social engineering now apparently has a granularity and precision. possible was imaginative a century ago. If I were a schemer and social manipulator, I think I’d rather be left alone to make arrangements as I please.

From Harris’s position as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literary Arts, I can well appreciate that the central themes of the Fear Index may seem like little tricks. So what is this about us being on the cusp of new technologies that are going to divide people again, aristocrats on one side, peasants on the other, technocrats here and the big unwashed there… as far as possible? ?

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The world will be cleansed again. Why be afraid? It sounds funny with Doomsday because to someone you can be sure that Doom is just another word for victory.

Fear Index closes with the kind of pyrotechnics we’ve come to expect from Dan Brown and his stories. The technology that threatened to eat us alive is being… ahem… managed properly. (No spoilers. We all knew where it would end.) Everything is fine again, more or less.

But I’m afraid all is not well again. In case you forgot, George Orwell and Aldous Huxley also wrote stories about the triumph of technology. Now we are CLOSER. The Fear Index is much more entertaining than 1984 or Brave New World and, ironically, that might be a bit of a scary observation. I really enjoyed reading this book. Unease came over me much later.

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