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Playing Nice book pdf download for free or read online, also Playing Nice pdf was written by JP Delaney.

JP Delaney is a British psychological thriller author. His novel THE GIRL BEFORE was the an instant New York Times and also Sunday Times bestseller, selling over a million copies in the 40 countries. It was adapted by him for the BBC and HBO Max in year 2021.

BookPlaying Nice
AuthorJP Delaney
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Playing Nice Book PDF download for free

Playing Nice Book PDF download for free

Pete Riley answers the door one normal morning and lets in a parent’s worst nightmare. At her door is Miles Lambert, a stranger who brings the devastating news that Pete’s son Theo isn’t really his son: he’s the Lamberts’ son who was switched at birth by an understaffed hospital, while his true son followed him with Miles. His wife, Lucia. was sent home. Life will never be the same for Pete, his partner Maddie and the little boy they have raised for the past two years.

Shock-struck, the two families find solace in shared good intentions and enthusiastically connect their very different lives in hopes of becoming an unconventional modern family.

But a plan to sue the hospital is prompting an official investigation that is bringing to light some disturbing questions about the night their children were changed. How much can they trust to the other parents, or even to each other? What secrets lie behind the Lamberts’ glittering front door? Stressed to the limit, Pete and Maddie discover that they will stop at nothing to protect their family.

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They are really done playing nice.

Playing Nice Book PDF download for free

When their son Theo was born a few months early, Pete and Maddie were told he might not survive. And if he does, he could have serious brain problems from lack of oxygen. But he survived. In fact, he prospered. He is a happy and healthy 2 year old. He has some sharing issues and he’s been known to hit other kids to get what he wants, but hey, the 2 year old doesn’t and Pete is working with him.

Pete is a stay-at-home dad and freelance journalist. Maddie is the breadwinner of the family and works in advertising. Pete loves his son Theo. The day after he drops Theo off at day care, a knock on his door changes his, Maddie’s and Theo’s lives. Miles Lambert is on the other side of that door and along with an investigator tells Pete that Theo is not his son.

Miles and his wife Lucy also had a premature son named David the same day Theo was born. There was a mix-up when the children were taken to a hospital that had a neonatal intensive care unit. His son David (who has serious brain problems) is actually Pete and Maddies and Theo is theirs.

At first everything is fine. Both couples agree that the children should stay where they are, but will be included in their lives. And Pete and Maddie joined the lawsuit against the hospital along with Miles and Lucy. But things don’t last long, and Pete and Maddie find they have to stop playing nice to protect the kids, to protect them.

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The book is narrated from the point of view of Pete and Maddie. And my nerves were shattered with everything that was going on. Although sometimes (at first) I wanted to shake them and yell at them to stop being so trusting and nice.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil anything. This book made my heart beat faster and my nerves shot. I don’t have children, but I can’t even imagine finding out that the child you loved and raised for two years isn’t really yours and now you might lose them as well as your biological child.

It also made me very frustrated, between the wrong side Pete and Maddie were getting from the courts and wanting to punch Miles in the face (lol) and wanting to shake Pete and yell at him “stop being so nice and trusting.” stop reading sometimes to control my emotions and remind myself that this was a book LOL But for me that is the definition of a great writer, everyone can annoy you while you read the story.

The tension and suspense build throughout the book. And the ending will have you…… Well, I won’t tell because that would really spoil things.

So the cliche story of the swapped baby isn’t so cliche this time. Pete and his partner Maddie have an adorable and precocious son named Theo. Pete is a stay-at-home father after his job as a freelance reporter disappears. Miles and Lucy Lambert are the wealthy parents of little David, who is not precocious and is barely aware of his surroundings.

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When Miles insists that the boys were switched at birth at the NHS hospital, Pete can’t believe it until they visit the Lamberts and meet David. So the couples form an alliance against the evil hospital that gave them the wrong children. Unfortunately, all is not what it seems, and it may not be the hospital that is to blame here. Pete and Maddie may not be a traditional family, but they must band together to defeat the evil they’ve instilled in their lives, not realizing how nefarious the Lamberts can be.

I loved the spiderweb feel of this book. The deeper I got into the plot, the more complicated it became, with layer upon layer of deception. The characters weren’t people I wanted to meet, except maybe Pete, who seemed like a happy man who only wanted what was best for his son.

But even Pete, I kept waiting for another shoe to drop and discover something dark about it too. Starting at a slow pace, the pace quickly picked up for me and this book was a thoroughly entertaining psychological thriller. Delaney and thriller fans alike will enjoy this book, but be prepared for some really unexpected twists and turns.

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