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The Girl In Room 105 book pdf download for free or read online, also The Girl In Room 105 pdf was written by Chetan Bhagat.

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian author, motivational speaker, television personality and former banker. He is widely regarded as India’s most popular English language author. Born and raised in New Delhi, he studied at “IIT” and then at “IIM”, two of the most prestigious educational institutions in India. After earning his MBA from ‘IIM’, he moved to Hong Kong and worked as an investment banker at firms such as ‘Goldman Sachs’ and ‘Deutsche Bank’.

He was very inspired to become a writer in his youth and began writing his first novel while working in Hong Kong. The novel, entitled Five Point Someone, became a huge critical and commercial success. He then wrote other novels such as One Night @ the Call Center and The 3 Mistakes of My Life. Many successful films have been made based on his novels, including 2 States, Half Girlfriend and Five Point Someone. He also worked on some screenplays for films and appeared on television as a judge for famous dance reality shows.

Chetan’s books have remained bestsellers since their publication. Four of his five novels have already been adapted into hit Bollywood films and the others are also in the adaptation phase. The New York Times have called him “the best-selling English-language novelist in Indian history”. Time Magazine named him one of the “100 Most Influential People Alive” and Fast Company, USA listed him as one of the “100 Most Creative People in Business” in the world.

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Chetan writes columns for major English and Hindi newspapers focusing on the youth and national development issues. He is even a motivational speaker and screenwriter. Chetan retired from international investment banking in 2009 to devote his full time to writing and creating change in the country. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Anusha, a former IIM-A classmate, and their twins, Shyam and Ishaan.

BookThe Girl In Room 105
AuthorChetan Bhagat
Size1 MB

The Girl In Room 105 Book PDF download for free

The Girl In Room 105 Book PDF download for free

The story is about Keshav and Zara. Zara, a Kashmiri Muslim, is a very beautiful girl from a traditional family. Once upon a time, Zara and Keshav’s love story used to be really amazing. But then they parted ways. Now four years have passed since they parted ways. Zara moved on in her life and found a match for her. Keshav, on the other hand, is devastated and drinks all the time in pain from the separation, despite his best friend Saurabh’s efforts to pursue him.
Keshav tries hard to forget her, but fails miserably. He continues to chase after her and call out to her. And her ignorance continues.

However, on the eve of her birthday, she sends him a message. Just like old times, she calls him to her bedroom, number 105. Keshav knows he shouldn’t go, even if he still does… and his life takes a sharp turn and changes forever.
(Read the book to find out, keeping the review spoiler-free.)
language and writing skills
The most appreciable compliment is that the author went ahead and wrote a unique story for the first time. Very well written. Language is wonderful everywhere, be it in adventure, humor, or love.

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All the incidents are well narrated. The elements of the story, the different places, people and events are well placed.

character illustration
Keshav, the failed man who is madly in love and goes to any lengths for Zara’s sake.
Zara, a beautiful Kashmiri girl who understands what is right and what is wrong.
Saurabh, a good friend. What everyone wants in life from him. He is always there with his friend Keshav, in good and bad times.

The Girl In Room 105 Book Pdf Download

Chetan Bhagat has tried a new genre (Thriller, Thriller) where he has to work hard to make a big name for himself in the same genre. However, he knows how to keep the readers interested and entertained through his simple stories.
This book is a good one time read. I’ll give the author credit for keeping the suspense going until the end. Hopefully Chetan Bhagat will stop using the IIT world in his books as it is quite common in his books.

Keshav is the protagonist of the story, who investigates by himself the murderer of his ex-girlfriend Zara. Keshav’s characterization is good, relatable but sometimes contradictory. However, Saurabh, who helps Keshav in this investigation and is also his best friend, wins my heart; his character is like that guy who can do anything for his friends.
We meet Zara’s character in snippets of the story, so it’s hard to know much about Zara.
The story is simple but entertaining. All chapters are short and engaging. The title is appropriate to the story.

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