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Dear Ava book pdf download for free or read online, also Dear Ava pdf was written by Ilsa Madden-Mills.

A Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and USA Today best-selling author, Ilsa Madden-Mills is best known for her angst-ridden new romance novels and adult romantic comedies.

Fourteen of her eighteen novels have made the top 10 Amazon bestsellers: Dirty English #1; Not my Romeo #1; Revenge Pact #1; Dear Ava, fake fiancee, I dare and I promise you #2; I hate you #5; Not my match I bet you dirty english and very bad things #6; Friend Deal #8; The Last Guy, his collaboration with Tia Louise, #4.

A former high school English teacher, she loves all things Pride and Prejudice, and of course Mr. Darcy is her ultimate hero.

She’s addicted to frothy coffee drinks, cheesy magnets, and any book that has unicorns and women with swords in it.

BookDear Ava
AuthorIlsa Madden-Mills
Size1.5 MB

Dear Ava Book PDF download for free

Dear Ava Book PDF download for free

The rich and popular sharks reign supreme in prestigious, ivy-clad Camden Prep. Once upon a time I wanted to be a part of their world until they destroyed me.
The last thing he expected was an anonymous love letter from one of them.

Please. I hate every one of these rich idiots for what they did to me.
The question is, which of the shark is my secret admirer?
Knox, the scarred quarterback. Dane, his twin brother. Or Chance, the ex who left me. . .

Dear Ava Book Pdf Download

This was such an addictive read. Exciting, intense and emotional. All words. all feelings I love him so much. My first top read of 2020!

“He doesn’t let me out of his sight. I watch in fascination as Knox bites his bottom lip and digs his bottom lip so deep I expect to see blood flow there.”

Away from her elite private school in ten months, Ava is dealing with trauma that has isolated her from her classmates. Not only does he have to deal with the aftermath of the scandal, but also with the sharks, the rich kids who run the school. However, she has her reasons for coming back and will be doomed if anyone tries to scare her. What he doesn’t expect is a tentative friendship with King Shark, though there’s always been an odd tension between them.

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“Part of me never wants to see his face again, but the other side of me…well, that’s the one I have to worry about.”

Knox Grayson, King Shark, famous as the school’s star quarterback, famous for his girls under the stands, known for never kissing on the lips. Scarred, brooding and grumpy. He loves Ava, but she forbids him for many reasons. However, the intense longing he feels for her consumes him. She’s back and single, and no matter how hard she tries, she can’t stay away.

“Kissing him is like I’ve spent a day in the sun, and when night comes the stars will shine just for me.”

Gaaaaahhh!! I was totally addicted to the Ava and Knox story. Ava is such a powerful hero with so many reasons to play the broken and helpless card, but her spirit persists. SHE perseveres. Its untameability is wild, impressive and inspiring. She’s lost something of herself through her traumatic experience, but she’s trying to get it back by strutting back into her personal hell.

Knox is a seemingly unpleasant guy, but beneath his scarred facade lurks a beautiful and vulnerable soul trying to protect those he loves. I appreciated that while he was old enough for sexual intimacy, he recognized the fact that when it came to the really tough issues of adult life, he was just a kid and unwilling to face it.

“You have to look at me closely, a [f…] long look and see what I’m made of, what makes me tick, and it’s about you.”

There’s a real dichotomy in this book between the difficult issues to contend with and the pure romance of Ava and Knox. Their connection is incredible, their exquisite chemistry, their overwhelming passion for each other and their strength took my breath away. I loved the progression in their relationship and was completely swooned over their beautiful and emotional ending.

I have never read a less than outstanding book by this author. She’s totally my jam!

What did I love about it? A lot.. everything?!

It captivated me from the start. When Ava describes waking up from a particularly terrifying experience right at the beginning of the book…it was a beautifully executed scene, regardless of the subject. It really gets you there and made you want to see his ride in the future.

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The writing, the rhythm, the description of things, the emotions, the events… I loved everything.

What struck me about this book is the very realistic portrayal of the characters. The fact that they were 17/18 years old was not overlooked, quite the opposite. We see that the MCs have the same concerns as any other teenager. Being good enough, being loved, thinking uneasily about the future, trying to figure out how to reconcile every conflicting emotion. Regardless of money, status, good looks… ultimately we are slaves to the same insecurities. I loved how this was presented here.

Despite the obviously youthful ways in which they dwelt, the main characters were strong and wise beyond their years, which was recognized and reflected in their actions.

Ava and Knox were a perfect blend of strong and vulnerable, both as individuals and as a couple. It was a beautiful relationship to read. Their little interactions, the honesty they end up being with each other, really pulls you into the story.

Overall, I’d say I enjoyed it more than I thought it would. Maybe it’s because I was expecting something different… I don’t know, but it’s something I’d recommend if asked.

This book was so inspiring. The book is categorized as New Adult, but the two main characters, Knox and Ava, were very mature for their age. They both had harrowing pasts and their characters had depth.
I usually have a hard time reading books that deal with the subject of aggression, bullying, depression, massive abuse, or deep emotional trauma, but this book was so good I couldn’t help but want more. (I have read this book at least 3 times) The book was romantic and at the same time full of angst and tragedy.

“I’ve learned to be patient. Everything comes when it’s supposed to come.”
Ava was such a strong female character. I was an orphan and I was so alone. He loved his brother very much. He worked hard to get a scholarship to one of the most prestigious schools, Camden Prep. After everything he had been through, he deserved his happy ending.

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“Kissing him is like the falling free into a hot fire, and maybe I should be afraid from it, but I long for the way his chest burns against mine, the way he ignites every atom in me.”
Knox was amazing character who had the many “jock buddies” and was the leader of the Sharks. She cared deeply for her twin brother Dane, just as Ava cared for her brother.

Knox was so protective of Ava that I could see his soft side. He was so passed out!
“No matter which path you take, whether it’s beautiful or ugly, bumpy or smooth, paved or bumpy, it doesn’t matter because it’s your path. What matters is how it ends.”
“And one day, one day I’ll have a beautiful way, smooth and simple and perfect.”

Knox desired Ava and was intrigued by her from the moment he first saw her with one of his friends (who was responsible for hurting Ava).
“He doesn’t let me out of his sight. I watch in fascination as Knox bites his bottom lip and digs his bottom lip so deep I expect to see blood flow there.”

Ava was out of school for 10 months due to the trauma she was facing and now she is back to show the person who abused her that what happened to her didn’t destroy her completely. His scars had faded, but he really didn’t forget what had happened.
Knox was the star quarterback known for not kissing girls on the lips, and he had a scarred soul. They were both so intense. Their chemistry and the development of a new relationship between them was very emotional.

This book was captivating and the characters were hard to forget.
Ilsa Madden-Mills is definitely one of my favorite authors right now! This book was about romance, but I liked the fact that it didn’t solely focus on romance, but also explained the painful and disturbing past that both characters lived through on a daily basis. Overall it was very well written and I would definitely recommend the book.

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