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The Orphan In The Peacock Shawl book pdf download for free or read online, also The Orphan In The Peacock Shawl pdf was written by Annemarie Brear.

AnneMarie Brear was born in a small town in the N.S.W. Australia, of English parents from Yorkshire, and is the youngest of five children. She loved to read from a young age and worked his way through Enid Blyton stories before moving on to Catherine Cookson novels as a teenager.

Based in England in the 1980s and more recently, AnneMarie developed a love of history visiting great old English houses which developed into a fascination with what might have transpired behind their walls over the course of their long existence. .

Her pleasure in visiting old estates and castles when travelling, and her interest in genealogy and pedigree research, were used to provide backgrounds and names for her historical novels, set mainly in Yorkshire or Australia between Victorian times and the early 19th century. . time of World War II.

A long and bumpy road to publication led to the publication of her first novel in year 2006. She has now published over twenty-seven historical family saga novels, becoming an Amazon UK bestseller and winning a US Readers Gold Medal. USA for his novel The Slum Angel Favorite. International awards in year 2019 and a silver medal for The Market Stall Girl in the year 2021. Two of her books have even been nominated to the Romance Writer’s Australia Ruby Award and to the In’dtale Magazine Rone Award.

AnneMarie now resides in the Southern Highlands of N.S.W. Australia with her husband and her family.

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BookThe Orphan In The Peacock Shawl
AuthorAnnemarie Brear

The Orphan In The Peacock Shawl Book PDF download for free

The Orphan In The Peacock Shawl Book PDF download for free

As a terrible storm rages, Annabelle Wallis is shocked to find a distraught young woman with a heavy child on her doorstep. Moments later, a girl is born. But by dawn her mother has disappeared, leaving behind the defenseless child, wrapped only in a peacock silk shawl.

When news spreads that Lady Eliza Hartley, sister of wealthy landowner John Hartley, has been found dead, Annabelle learns what a terrible secret she has stumbled upon. Fearful that she will be blamed for Eliza’s death, Ella Annabelle flees to the squalid slums of York, where she plans to raise the precious orphan as her own.

The cobblestone streets of York’s slums are no place for a young woman like Annabelle or a baby Hartley, and John Hartley is determined to bring them both home. But Annabelle proves impossible to find.

Annabelle can’t hide from the wealthy Hartley family forever, but can she ever give up her beloved baby?

The Orphan In The Peacock Shawl Book Pdf Download

I enjoyed it very much more than I thought. I have always loved historical novels and always feel like I am “coming home” when I read them.

The story was full of wonderful characters. Of course, Annabel steals your heart from the very beginning. And then all the characters that she meets along the way. Including her best friends and, of course, John Hartley, who steals your heart from the start. Excellent character development. I felt like I knew the supporting characters as well as the main characters.

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It is full of little adventures, suspense and unexpected twists, sadness and sweetness, and a wonderful love story.

This was a perfect read for me and just what I needed right now. This is exactly the way of writing that I love. I just added about 10 more books by this author to my wish list! This will not be the last!

This is basically a story about three people: Annabelle, an orphan raised by a healer/midwife, John, a second child, and Eliza, John’s sister, who is the core around which the story unfolds. But all the characters are well nuanced, with flaws and benefits. Eliza, single and about to give birth, seeks help at the medicine man’s shack.

Annabelle gives birth to the baby but she worries about Eliza’s survival. She exhausted, she falls asleep and realizes that the baby is crying and her mother is gone. I’m sure everyone will think that she somehow hurt Eliza and they will accuse her, she runs off with the baby. This sets the stage for her harrowing experience in the slums of York and John’s determined search for her and her baby. It is also a moving portrait of real life in England in 1850. Very well written. First author for me, I will read more of his books.

This is a very engaging historical novel by AnneMarie Brear and the first of her books that I have read. Annabelle Wallis’ story is a beautiful one, set in the lush English countryside, transported to another place and time by the author’s delightful descriptive writing. I was immediately in Victorian England, in a huge country house. I got to see the lovely country house where Annabelle was raised by the Widow Wallis. It was easy to imagine the cozy little

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house surrounded by flowers and grasses, which are a wonderful place for Annabelle to grow up.
But when Annabelle suddenly finds herself alone for the first time, she is filled with fear and doesn’t know what to do with her circumstances and how to survive without her beloved guardian to guide her.

Suddenly trapped in a situation that is nothing short of surreal for the innocent and sheltered Annabelle, she must make decisions that will change her short-term life and change the life she has known for a long time.

I absolutely enjoyed Annabelle’s story, she drew me in and didn’t stop reading until I finished. I’m not normally a fan of romance novels, but this one kept me hooked until the end. I highly recommend this historical novel to all fans of the genre, it’s a beautiful story with a wonderful feel-good ending. You will not be disappointed.

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