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The Highland Fling book pdf download for free or read online, also The Highland Fling pdf was written by Meghan Quinn.

USA Today bestselling author, wife, adoptive mother and the peanut butter lover. As a writer of romantic comedy and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn offers readers the perfect blend of heart, humor and warmth in every book.

BookThe Highland Fling
AuthorMeghan Quinn
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The Highland Fling Book PDF download for free

The Highland Fling Book PDF download for free

In this steamy tale from USA Today bestselling author Meghan Quinn, an American woman flees to a Scottish town in search of her purpose, but finds more questions than answers when she meets a brooding but handsome handyman.

Just fired from her third job in a row, Bonnie St. James is at a loss. When she and her best friend come across a “Help Wanted” post to run a coffee shop in the Scottish Highlands, they apply on a whim. Who knows? Perhaps traveling to a new place is just what you need to find your next step.

When the friends arrive in the idyllic little town of Corsekelly, they immediately fall in love with the beautiful Highland scenery and friendly townspeople. But Bonnie doesn’t exactly get a warm welcome from Rowan MacGregor, the stocky local handyman. Busy battling his own demons, Rowan doesn’t feel like getting involved with the quirky American, even if she’s a pretty girl.

When Bonnie and Rowan inevitably cross paths, insults and sparks fly. Can the two take advantage of their similarities to help each other find meaning and direction…and maybe romance too? Or will their passionate tempers drive them apart?

The Highland Fling Book Pdf Download

No other author can offer a romance as inspiring as Meghan Quinn.

You know what else he does that no one else can compare? embarrassing characters.

Bonnie was full of doubts and questions about many aspects of her life, and although not for the same reasons, I discovered that many of her inner thoughts and concerns were the same as mine.

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Bonnie was my favorite heroine, clumsy, sassy, ​​but she was so much more than that. There were times when she was so lost in her own head that she missed what was going on around her, but she was never mean or indifferent. she, she actually she was incredibly sweet, just a little aggressive at times.

Rowan was in a bad mood, and when he and Bonnie run into each other, they immediately lose heart, leading to a very entertaining joke between them. He has reasons to act the way he does, and Bonnie’s craziness gives him a sense of peace he hasn’t had in a long time.

As always, Meghan Quinn offers a romance that is much more than romance. Much more than her adventure in the Highlands, Bonnie’s story is about a woman realizing her worth, embracing new depths of herself as she discovers them, reflecting on who she was, and discovering who she is meant to be.

Rowan’s bad mood was understandable and the pain in his heart was palpable, my chest ached and tears streamed down my face. Her journey was about more than falling in love with a cheeky American. She found a way to heal the battered parts of her heart and accept what was waiting for her.

Meghan Quinn delivered a love story alongside two characters who have been on very different personal journeys. Each of the characters exhibited immeasurable personal growth, which also cemented their relationship on solid foundations.

Their chemistry was palpable from the start, with their teasing and searing gazes building in intensity until that slow-burning tension finally ignited.

Meghan Quinn brought Scotland to life beautifully on the page. A riveting mix of heady chemistry, a swooning accented grumpy hero, a sassy sweet heroine, a slow epic story, all the emotion from laugh out loud to witty jokes to stopping reading to wipe away tears, and like a additional bonus. , a lot of Scottish slang I’ll use.

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As an extremely proud Scottish American with a Scottish born and raised mother, he was very excited about The Highland Fling. I couldn’t imagine that this author’s signature writing is always full of humor and wit, with the added benefit of the wonder of a Scottish hero and a backstory that is anything but a book I WOULD LOVE. And he was right, this book was so good.

For the romance, please give me ALL the grumpy/sunny romances because I love them. That was so good with the added benefit of a grumpy Scotsman (nothing better). I loved seeing Bonnie and Rowan take their enemies into a love story with the hilarity and sweetness that they did. I loved watching them grow and become stronger as they learned of each other’s love. Total fainting.

The Scottish countryside, the food and the words literally warmed my heart so much. My love for Scotland is unparalleled (I literally get my name from the Isle of Skye, which is off the coast of Scotland) and I will say this book did Scotland justice, so I really appreciate it.

I loved the side stories we got about Rowan’s parents and her relationship with them. And also the romance of Dakota and Isla, which may have made me cry a couple of times. There was so much depth to this story that really makes it so heartfelt and genuine.

Overall, I loved this book. Tha gradh agam place to write a funny and serious, sometimes ridiculous but very sincere book that was warm and romantic and also answered the age old question of what do you wear under those kilts.

Where do I start with this heartfelt, comedic, absolutely perfect story that I didn’t even know I needed right now? We’ve got humour, we’ve got sorrow, we’ve got tasty Scotch and a lost soulmate.

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Rowan MacGregor is our tasty but grumpy jock. Dear God, this man is everything you want in a book lover. A man who tells it like it is but who cares and protects with every bone in his body. I don’t know how many times I’ve fainted from things he says or does. He has all the charm to blow your kilt away! Also, hello muscles!

Bonnie St James, she’s a Scottish sixteenth, you know, and she’s our lost soul girl. I loved seeing her find her way and her confidence along the way. Rowan played a huge role in nurturing her ideas and helping her grow throughout the story. The things he says and does sometimes make me laugh out loud.

This story is so touching in parts that you’ll want to reach out and hug not only Rowan and Bonnie, but the other supporting characters as well. I especially liked the parts where Rowan took the time to woo Bonnie. God knows he wooed me enough with her sweet gestures and kind words! He is the patience for his chaos, the positivity he needs to thrive.

While reading the story, I FELT how perfect these two were for each other. From the beginning, the enemies are separated from the friends until they begin to fall in love. I have this feeling that it feels exactly like putting two pieces of a real puzzle together. Perfect!

In the end, MQ makes you want to go to Scotland! I want to meet the screaming goat, see the furry cooing and the beautiful scenery. But I guess I’ll have to settle for adding this paperback to my collection for now after reading the eBook. A touching story that you need in your life!

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