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A Not So Meet Cute book pdf download for free or read online, also A Not So Meet Cute pdf was written by Meghan Quinn.

USA Today bestselling author, wife, adoptive mother and the peanut butter lover. As a writer of romantic comedy and contemporary romance, Meghan Quinn offers readers the perfect blend of heart, humor and warmth in every book.

BookA Not So Meet Cute
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A Not So Meet Cute Book PDF download for free

A Not So Meet Cute Book PDF download for free

From the USA Today bestselling author The Highland Fling comes a new romantic comedy about a desperate billionaire looking for a fiancée. Brilliantly clever, this modern take on Pretty Woman turns the pages in hilarious fashion.

A Not So Meet Cute Book Pdf Download

I’m not even sure how to write a review for the A Not So Meet Cute book. I love all of this author’s sports romances and was intrigued by a multi-million dollar romance. While this is not a sports romance, I have to say that it ruined everything! This is a romantic comedy, but there has to be a better word than comedy to describe how funny and hilarious this book is. I had to stop several times because I was laughing so much (well, huff a laugh). It’s so funny with a touch of ridiculous that I found it funny and wonderful.

Lottie needs a rich husband and Huxley needs a fake fiancée… they are a perfect match from the start. It gives us totally modern Pretty Woman vibes while still being so authentic. You’ll love how he completely reimagined this story while still giving us the familiar aspects we all love about this movie. Lottie and Huxley are so perfectly written, you’ll love them both.

Lottie is a mess (she’s unemployed, broke, single, she lives with her mom) but she’s also smart, funny, sexually confident and doesn’t tolerate Hux’s bad attitude. Huxley is a bit cold, he only focuses on business and he tells a big white lie and he needs a fake fiancée to save his reputation and his business. A not-so-cute story becomes more, which gives us this funny, humorous and witty story. The situations these two get into because of their lies were highly entertaining.

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That’s steamy too. And when I say steamy, the author made me blush and I didn’t think she could top the Maddox kitchen scene. She got over that. Wow! That was FIRE!

I loved watching these strangers (who were instantly attracted to each other) try to be totally professional and not let their emotions get the best of them. Which was impossible given their attraction, Lottie’s confident sexual attitude, and the fact that there’s a fine line between love and hate. Even if they didn’t like each other, it could be said that they probably loved each other.

Don’t let the cute cover fool you: this is SO HOT, with sexual tension dripping off every page. I was LOVED from the start and devoured it at an alarming rate, even for one of Quinn’s rom-coms. And this IS a romantic comedy, albeit a very tense and steamy one.

I loved the joy and humor of the story, the interactions with our hero’s siblings, the liveliness of the connection, the tug-of-war, and the crackling chemistry. This workaholic alpha doesn’t know what hit him: our heroine is brave and she also proves to be strong and stubborn. His connection is absolute FIRE and I loved the friction between them. It’s a slow, hot burn from strangers to enemies to lovers, and I was so happy to capture the ride.

The story follows Huxley, a man married to his job. There has never been anything more important in his life than work, especially since he has business with his brothers. So when a deal seems to be slipping out of hand, Huxley blurts out some lies in an act of desperation. He claims to be engaged with a baby on the way, although that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unsure how to handle the situation he’s gotten himself into, Huxley is reckless when he meets an unlikely woman.

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Lottie meets Huxley while he’s wandering around a rich neighborhood (looking for a rich husband, how to do it), and she’s desperate too. The two discover that maybe they can help each other, and that’s the basis for their not-so-sweet encounter. But as the two spend time together, their arguments intensify and there seems to be a fine line between love and hate.

I always, ALWAYS look forward to new Quinn books and fell in love with this one. It’s the start of what I sincerely hope will be a new series and I loved the vibe. It has loads of humor and great family connections, as well as the sexual tension that Quinn has ramped up with some of her most recent releases.

This book is genuinely admirable at times, with an excruciatingly slow burn that borders on searing. Huxley and Lottie don’t have a problem with their chemistry – it’s their communication that could use a little help. I loved seeing this workaholic discover that he has a jealous and possessive side, and rears the ugly head of him many times. His path to love has bumps along the way, but I SO appreciated that the vibes were kept light (mostly) throughout.

It’s certainly not as angsty as some of Quinn’s other romances, which means the cute cover isn’t inaccurate…this isn’t your mom’s rom-com lol. I was lucky enough to get an early copy and am willingly leaving a review of this steamy fake relationship romance.

I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard reading a fake romance. I had to cover my mouth in bed so as not to wake my husband from all the laughter.

Lottie (28) is fired by one of her so-called close friends, Angela, and she is escorted out of the building as soon as she is. She goes home to her mother, who expects to be promoted the following week. She is afraid to tell him what happened because her family told her not to trust Angela. She pretends to go to work, but in reality she goes to her sister’s house to make a plan. One of her plans is to meet a rich husband in the style of a pretty woman and hopefully get all her prayers answered. Well she does…

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Huxley attempts to sign a deal, a very profitable one, and makes the mistake of lying, saying that he has a fiancée who is also pregnant, as is the investor he is trying to get to sign the deal (he has a pregnant fiancée). . . He now has little time to find a fake fiancée who is pregnant. Lo and behold, Lottie butts into her life, and she agrees to sign a deal as long as she gets something out of the deal (she’s poor and needs her student loans paid off and a plan of action for the business she’s starting with her sister). I enjoyed her outline of her possible contract with Chipotle lol.

What follows are hilarious situations, some awkward, that allow Huxley and Lottie to discover their true feelings. From Lamaze/Sex Positions class to breast pump adjustment to Plastic One Eyed Bad Baby class, I’M DYING!!! Behind closed doors, Huxley has trouble trusting people, which definitely brings out Lottie’s cheekiness, but he eventually finds that he loves Lottie’s qualities; Fortunately, she finds many positive qualities in Huxley.

And the steam dear sir! From the robe against the wall scene, the rain canopy scene, the Fleetwood Mac jet scene, the shower, and the sleepover scenes jeeeezus, this book was great. Sure smex happens at 74% but I did NOT feel the slow burn. So much tension satisfied me. I love how Lottie brings out the alpha side of her…gah…and her dirty mouth. How she manages to have a reasonable conversation while she criticizes Lottie is beyond me.

I hope we see books for her siblings…especially the brother who had a connection to Lottie’s sister. Your text message thread was hilarious lol. Gahhh! I loved!!

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