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The King Of Flesh And Bone book pdf download for free or read online, also The King Of Flesh And Bone pdf was written by Liv Zander.

Liv has an unhealthy penchant for sexy villains. She’s currently undergoing therapy to heal her poor choice of men, but who can afford it these days? To fund his copays, he writes a deliciously dark fantasy romance about the men who would burn the world down for their wives. Is that counterproductive? Maybe, but it’s also a lot of fun.

When she’s not joking, she’s hesitating in her office over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day and how miserable the writing is). Oh, she loves skulls too. and ravens and skulls.

BookThe King Of Flesh And Bone
AuthorLiv Zander
Size1 MB

The King Of Flesh And Bone Book PDF download for free

The King Of Flesh And Bone Book PDF download for free

King of Flesh and Bone is a full-length dark fantasy novel and the first book by the duo The Pale Court. The two-part story centers on a ruthless man, the woman who cannot escape her love, and a HEA.

This world contains dark themes, violence, loss and horror elements that some may find disturbing. What this book lacks is a hero, because the villains do it better.

The King Of Flesh And Bone Book Pdf Download

Heed the warnings that this is too dark a romance for most people’s tastes. If he can handle Tillie Cole and HD Carleton, chances are he can take that level of determination.

I keep seeing reviewers getting upset that they weren’t properly prepared for the content, particularly the lack of approval, but readers are warned and many reviewers across multiple platforms have embraced them. My take on triggers is explained in more detail at the end of the review in case you need more context.

What I liked most about this story was that it was unlike anything I’d read before and was refreshing in a saturated fantasy romance genre.

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Our main characters:

Ada: a widow, a sharp-tongued midwife with a relentless drive to keep her promises

Enos: God responsible for spreading the “rot” and taking the dead into his palace for the dead to pass through. But he hasn’t done that in 200 years, so the dead try to flee every full moon. He’s a hateful immortal god who tries to punish everyone, and I mean everyone, for their misery. He is a malevolent god, not a human, and a being who only knows how to bend others to his will instead of treating relationships as businesses like humans do.

The plot:

I do not know where to start. Maybe the zombie babies? Yes, let’s start with that because that’s where the book begins and I’ve never been more fascinated by macabre thinking. Why has no one asked what happens when a baby becomes undead at birth? It lives? you would know

Next, let’s introduce whiplash and move from undead to non-consensual filth… (clarification on that below if you’re curious). Initially, the profanity was so widespread that I wondered if it should have been classified as erotic, but the plot moves on.

Now let’s fall in love with the villain who, despite all his wickedness, just wants to be loved. A broken, morally gray immortal god who will kill the whole world for her? Yes, please! Can corpses be used to make clothing and furnishings? Sign me up!

Eventually it ends with a cliff that could make you propel objects with telepathic rage. Fortunately, the second book is now out and it works exceptionally well with Ada’s transformation, keeping you engaged with the twisted, macabre and taboo.

The King of Flesh and Bones is the first novel by author Liv Zander. In this book, Enosh is a deity ruling over the flesh and blood world known as the Pale Court. He is the last beautiful nightmare, surrounded by darkness, cold and spoiled flesh. He lives in isolation, as does Ada.

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Ada has encountered many difficulties and sufferings in her world. As a midwife, she gives birth for other women, but does not have one of her own. Up until his death, Ada’s husband, John, was an abusive adulterer who blamed Ada for his childlessness. Now he was dead, and since she feels that she has failed him in life, she must not fail him in death either.

Here are the some things I love about this book:

First of all, the characters blew me away! Especially Enos. He’s the bad boy that every woman fears but secretly fantasizes about. He is by no means a good guy, as he will demonstrate at the beginning of the book. Ada is a fighter, brave and unaware of her true worth.

Below are the worlds this author has built around these two characters. The details of both worlds are so incredibly vivid that you can easily imagine each element.

And let’s talk romance! Wow, the romance here is literally off the charts with enough scenes to turn you page after page! Trust me when I say I’ve highlighted more passages in this book than ever before! This is definitely a great and unique love story. But there is an incredible story here too.

And the writing flows effortlessly with plenty of style and form. Every description, every word is a testament to this author’s talent.

Ada’s life was not easy. She is very considered a non-woman who has failed in her duties as a wife. And he feels very guilty about it. But despite everything that has happened and how the people of her town have treated her, she is an amazing woman. I loved how very compassionate and so selfless she is. He loved her honesty and directness even more. And if this woman made a promise, she would never break it. Ada is strong and very brave and I loved her and admired her for that so much. Little did she know that an accident would land her in the hands of none other than the king of flesh and bones.

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Enosh, the king of flesh and bone, an eternal god who refuses to do his duty. He is an evil, arrogant, cruel, manipulative and ruthless man. Enosh may seem cold and ruthless, but he is very lonely, hurt, and heartbroken. Does it take possessiveness and obsession to a whole new level? Hey! Did she adore him for all the mean or naughty things he did? Absolutely!

Everything that has happened between these two Ada and Enosh was such a wild ride. Both broke in their own way and both lost a lot. Ada’s total stubbornness to submit and her solid determination to escape from the Pale Court often clashed with the Enosh’s possessiveness and the refusal to let her go. And oh, the wicked way he handled her. I loved that the more time they spent together, the better Ada was able to break through her mask of cruelty and cold-blooded arrogance. And Enosh began to show such a caring, vulnerable, and gentle side. I loved the two together! And the passionate moments they shared were incredible.

The world building and the story were also so phenomenal. He was really fascinated by the Enosh’s brothers, especially the Yarin, what a crazy, evil and depraved man. Also, the world has been immersed in the chaos for centuries, there is no rest for even the dead, and there is no rot. All the tension, the twists and the suspense kept me glued to the pages until the end. And the last few chapters were so devastatingly heartbreaking. So much of sorrow, pain and loss.

Overall, the story is a quite fabulous dark and evil start to the series and I loved every aspect of it!
Can’t wait to see in future how Enosh and Ada’s story continues!

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