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The House Across The Lake book pdf download for free or read online, also The House Across The Lake pdf was written by Brandon Stanton.

Riley Sager is the author of six New York Times bestselling novels, most recently Home Before Dark and Survive the Night. His first novel, Final Girls, was published in 30 countries and won the ITW Thriller Award for Best Hardcover Novel. His latest book, The House Across the Lake, is published by Dutton Books in 2022.

He is from Pennsylvania and now lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

Todd Ritter, also known by the pseudonyms Riley Sager and Alan Finn, is an American thriller writer.

Ritter grew up in Pennsylvania in a ranch-style home. Before becoming a full-time novelist, Ritter have worked as a editor, journalist, and graphic designer.

As of 2021, Ritter has published five novels as Sager and three novels under his real name, the last of which is part of the Kat Campbell series. Ritter has also published a novel under the pseudonym Alan Finn, Things Half in Shadow. Referring to the decision to write under Finn’s name, he explained: “Because we were looking for a new editor, one could argue that the editors would be willing to choose someone with a clean slate and not a critically acclaimed author.” with a spotty sales history.

BookThe House Across The Lake
AuthorBrandon Stanton
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The House Across The Lake Book PDF download for free

The House Across The Lake Book PDF download for free

Casey Fletcher, a recently widowed actress trying to escape bad press, has retired to the quiet of her family’s Vermont lake house. Armed with binoculars and several bottles of bourbon, she passes the time watching Tom and Katherine Royce, the glamorous couple who live in the house across the lake. They ensure good visibility: a technical innovator, Tom is powerful; and a former model, Katherine is beautiful.

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One day at the lake, Casey saves Katherine from drowning, and the two form a budding friendship. But the more they get to know each other, and the longer Casey watches, it’s clear that Katherine and Tom’s marriage isn’t as perfect as it seems.

When Katherine suddenly disappears, Casey immediately suspects that Tom has committed a crime. What she doesn’t realize is that there is more to the story than meets the eye, and that shocking secrets can lurk beneath the quietest surfaces.

Packed with insightful characters, psychological tension, and surprising plot twists, Riley Sager’s The House Across the Lake is the ultimate escapist read. . . no lake house required.

The House Across The Lake Book Pdf Download

Riley Sager’s The House Across the Lake is a murder mystery mixed with a thriller. Since the promotional material (the “propaganda”) and some of the reviews describe the premise so well, I won’t summarize the plot, especially since I don’t want to risk revealing any unexpected twists or surprises. And there are more than a few!

As Herr Sager says in his “Acknowledgments” at the end of the novel, this book has a “crazy plot.” That said, it has pros and cons. On the negative side, the beginning of the novel didn’t seem believable at times. The characters said and did things that made me scratch my head. The main character suffers from alcoholism apparently caused by parental neglect, if not abuse, not to mention the death of her husband, who was also abused by her parents. All of that, combined with a striking resemblance to Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window,” almost made me close the book and move on to something else.

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But on the positive side, I found the book well written, the scenes well constructed, the Vermont lake setting well described and used, and the characters well drawn and interesting. They include a successful “working actress”, her musical comedy megastar mother, retired supermodel, tech titan husband, and handsome ex-cop with a checkered past. And so I continued.

Only to discover that the plot is fiendishly “insane” and that Mr. Sager seems to delight in leading his readers down false paths as misty and mysterious as the paths around his fictional Lake Greene.

Now, that’s not to say that readers don’t have to “willingly give up disbelief of him” at times, and to a great extent. The “reveal” of what is really going on is quite amazing and certainly creative and original. In fact, I don’t think I’ve read or heard anything like it. Those able to “just agree” should enjoy what I ended up finding to be a very entertaining novel.

Riley Sager never disappoints! The first chapter of this book is a bit slow, but after that things really pick up speed. The ending is awesome with so many twists and turns that my head was spinning trying to keep up. I have read everything Sager has written and I always look forward to every new release. What makes him such a unique storyteller is that you never know what kind of book he’s going to deliver, each story is wonderfully unique.

Casey Fletcher, an actress who has been suffering from bad press lately, is banished to her family’s home in exclusive and isolated Lake Green after the death of her husband and her subsequent fall into alcoholism. She’s a train wreck, to say the least, but the perfect narrator for this offbeat story that’s part crime fiction, part psychological thriller, and part supernatural thriller.

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The story has a bit of a Rear Window vibe, as Casey watches her neighbors across the lake through binoculars: a tech mogul and a supermodel living in a lavish glass house. There is also an ex-cop with a shady past who lives next door. The way the lives of these four characters intertwine made me reflect on what I thought I knew about each one.

Oh, what a clever author! I love the way Sager introduces a plot line only to then twist it in a completely different direction. Fair warning that the ending is “out there”, but for sheer story satisfaction and reading pleasure, you can’t go wrong with The House Across the Lake!

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