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The Kingdoms Of Savannah book pdf download for free or read online, also The Kingdoms Of Savannah pdf was written by George Dawes Green.

George Dawes Green, founder of The Moth and Unchained, is an internationally acclaimed author. His first novel, The Caveman’s Valentine, won an Edgar Award and was made into a film, starring Samuel L. Jackson. The Juror was an international bestseller in over twenty languages and was the basis for the film starring Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin. Ravens was voted one of the best books of year 2009 by the Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Daily Mail of London, and many other publications. George Green grew up in the Georgia and now lives in the Brooklyn, New Yor

BookThe Kingdoms Of Savannah
AuthorGeorge Dawes Green
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The Kingdoms Of Savannah Book PDF download for free

The Kingdoms Of Savannah Book PDF download for free

It gets off to a slow start on a warm southern night when some locals gather at Bo Peep’s, one of the city’s most popular dive bars. However, within an hour, a man will be killed and his partner will “disappear”. An unusual detective, Morgana Musgrove, dean of the Savannah society, is called in to solve the mystery of these crimes.

Morgana is a bossy, demanding and devious woman whose four adult children are tired of her schemes.

But one by one, she convinces them to help with her investigation, and soon the family learns some chilling truths, truths that will shake Savannah’s power structure to the core.

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From the homeless encampments that ring the city to the mansions of Savannah’s elite, Green’s novel brilliantly portrays the underbelly of a city with a dark history and the strangely fascinating dysfunction of a complex family.

The Kingdoms Of Savannah Book Pdf Download

One of the most atmospheric and timely thrillers/mysteries you’ll read this year. Jaq Musgrove works as a waitress at a Savannah dive while preparing her application for film school; Luke and Stony are two of his regulars. She is shocked when her grandmother Morgana takes on the case of the corrupt developer who is accused of killing Luke in an arson attack, but she goes on a trial with her and her family to not only find the real killer but also Where did Stony go?

Stony, some kind of archaeologist, has talked about the kingdom and its treasures, and someone wants to know what he is and where he is. Jaq’s uncle Ransom, who has abandoned the family and is homeless, also answers Morgana’s call, as do her two other daughters, Willou and Bebe. Together they fight their way through Savannah’s elite and corruption.

While much of the focus is on Jaq, every character (even Gracie the Dog, including her) stands out. Morgana wasn’t born for wealth or prestige in the city, but she imprinted herself and knows where many bones are buried. Will Ransom and Jaq find Stony and what are the kingdoms? No spoilers from me, but there is a great story here (do not under any circumstances skip the epilogue) and Green did a wonderful job with the pacing.

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At its core, The Kingdoms of Savannah is an outstanding and compelling contemporary detective story. It has shady characters, suspicious motives, vague clues, and unexpected connections. But it is much more. It’s an awkward history lesson about real events and real people who usually stay hidden. And it is these dark facts and facts that lie at the heart of the mystery, which makes this book a thrilling literary thriller.

There is an atmosphere of decadence, debauchery, danger, and deception that pervades this story. Families and relationships are dysfunctional at best, scandalous and murderous at worst; Everyone has an agenda, memories are long, grudges are pushed to the limit. Relationships from the past that continue in the present are knotted like a ball of thread, or a ball of snakes.

The locations are described in detail. The Savannah feels like the fable or like a fairy tale. Beautiful views, old mansions, riverside communities. We can imagine that it is a beautiful old metropolis, but in reality it is small, full of small enclaves, kingdoms, one next to the other but not mixed. Except when something sinister overlaps and brings them all together.

And the past of fable or fairy tale? Not that much. Many Savannahians, honored with statues and buildings and stories of bravery or kindness, are tarnished when the true story is revealed. Like the black soldiers who set up their own hidden camp on an island after the Revolutionary War rather than return to slavery, and how this story should not be told as an acceptable part of the Savannah’s glorious history.

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Or the story of Charles Lamar, who helped engineer the Civil War in hopes of building an empire of slavery, including transporting cargoes of Africans to the South to enslave them, knowing that doing so would anger the North.

The Kingdoms of Savannah is captivating. The words are very rich and the story flows very smoothly. I was quickly drawn into the mystery and the story and couldn’t stop turning the pages. A story not to be missed.

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