Download The Kraken’s Sacrifice [PDF] By Katee Robert

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The Kraken’s Sacrifice book pdf download for free or read online, also The Kraken’s Sacrifice was written by Katee Robert.

BookThe Kraken’s Sacrifice
AuthorKatee Robert
Size1.2 MB

The Kraken’s Sacrifice Book PDF download for free

The Kraken's Sacrifice Book PDF download for free

Catalina only made her deal with the devil because she had nowhere to go. The world has kicked her every time, so she is very happy to leave behind the kingdom that she knows. What is the worst that can happen?

She doesn’t expect to be auctioned off to an octopus.

Thane is cold and distant… but not unfriendly. No matter how isolated they are, Catalina always seeks her company. And when she finally agrees to keep her end of the deal with her?

She then she gets really interesting.

But she alone gave the demon seven years, and when time is up, she will have no choice but to leave behind the kraken that stole her heart and return to the world she doesn’t want.

The Kraken’s Sacrifice Book Pdf Download

This is a 3 book series, if you Really liked Sol from the first book, you will like Thane in the second book.

I just like the two points of view that the author chooses to narrate the story.

I enjoyed it so much that I wish there was more information on FMC and MMC.

They continue to provide great and believable chemistry between the leads, I just wish there was conflict to keep the universe going. We get a few crumbs here and there, but finally I want a story with the main demon that does all the business.

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Maybe we’ll get a character that breaks the territorial truce. I am even interested in the origin of the relationship between humans and other beings.
I’m just saying that Katee built some good tracks with supporting characters and world-building sets.
I would even love a scenario where all of the FMC leaders could come together again to help in a future conflict with their partners.

Little spoiler ahead!

I was looking forward to this one. The depictions of pain on the site were spot on, at least for me. It is easy. They always say it gets easier. it doesn’t. You’re learning to let it enter your consciousness less often.

As a woman living in a post-Roe era who does not want children under any circumstances, I was moved by the events in this book. She had never seen an abortion on the side of a romance, and was so glad that she was treated with the respect, dignity, and ultimately the happiness that she deserved from her. Abortion is health care, and I think that’s how it was treated in this book.
I can ABSOLUTELY see how it would kick in for readers who had them for various reasons, and I also loved how the author promoted her content warnings for this very reason.

All in all, another great installment in this series!

I didn’t like Catalina very much at first. She’s not my favorite type of FMC, but I realized that she’s probably more down to earth and like the rest of us than most of the other characters in books like this. The story took some turns that I didn’t expect. Lina and Thane were just the healing balm the other needed.

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I felt like things rushed towards the end. I don’t think I can articulate it well. I felt like the connection the two had was significant, but it almost felt like it was too soon for them to be so deeply connected, but then it was the end of the book. I think I felt like we needed a few more scenes where Lina and Thane bond.

As always, the author’s story was entertaining, dirty, disgusting, disgusting, delicious, quite easy to read, and thought-provoking. I wish he would release them faster.

NOTE: One of the things I hate is when the book’s blurb tells you to go to the author’s website for more information on triggers. I pre-ordered it so I wanted to read it anyway, but as a casual reader who finds a random book they MAY want to read, I don’t want to have to go to each book’s website to find out things I might not want to read about.

I can understand if the writers feel like this might spoil the story in any way, but I want to know if there are things I can’t handle right now. So beware that this story involves an abortion. There are other triggers, including the loss of a spouse and self-esteem issues.

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