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Silver Lining book pdf download for free or read online, also Silver Lining was written by Aleatha Romig.

BookSilver Lining
AuthorAleatha Romig
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Silver Lining Book PDF download for free

Silver Lining Book PDF download for free

“Your task is not to seek the love, but just merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that really you have put up against it.” ~Rumi

Lena Montgomery dedicates her time and energy to making her dreams of wealth and power come true, no matter who she leaves behind. She took a risk, climbed the ladder and has no intention of taking a step back. Her hard line deals with employees, and the last thing on her mind is to blur her lines with a man twelve years her junior.
As she approaches danger, it is not her mind that wants to break her own rule; It is her body.

What if the lines are blurred?
Are you ready for Lena’s story?
Hold on tight.
Have you become Aleatha?

From New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes an all-new age gap, forbidden romance, and contemporary romantic thriller set in the world of high finance where the rules are becoming blurred.

*SILVER LINING is a full-length stand-alone novel.

Silver Lining Book Pdf Download

To say that my anticipation for Lena’s story was higher than ever would be putting it mildly. I have been absolutely fascinated by this strong and dynamic woman ever since we met her in the Sin series. What I knew about her before this book is a woman who takes on whatever situation she finds herself in because she has to… and we learn a lot in this book about why she is the way she is and it brings me to a whole new level of respect. for her.

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What we can also see in this book is a vulnerable side of Lena. Thanks to some tense moments, she heads to Cancun for a week and not only gets away from it all, but she also meets the man who is her future. And this man, CJ, brings out a whole new side of her. She is tender, sweet and affectionate. It was wonderful to see her let her guard down and open up to what might be possible.

CJ and Lena are an absolutely perfect couple. Some of their differences are also given. I think the fact that he’s younger than her allows him to really embrace all the different sides of Lena. But her love for her also pampers her in ways she honestly didn’t think were possible.

And because we see another side of this woman, this book still has the right amount of tension that I love about Aleatha Romig’s writing. This book is the perfect combination of emotion, feeling and intrigue. It captivated me from start to finish. If you haven’t read this book, you are really missing out on a wonderful reading experience.

Aleatha Romig returns in Silver Lining with Lena Montgomery, the best friend of Red Sin’s Donovan Sherman, as she is forced to deal with a stalker situation that ultimately leads her to the man of her dreams. Lena was a multifaceted character: someone forced by past events to become a strong and ruthless woman, but she also had a sweet and vulnerable side.

She also loved her chosen hero, Chandler John Thompson or CJ to close friends and family. He was devoted to Lena and absolutely perfect for her because he loved all sides of her. Their relationship was incredibly sexy, sweet, fun, and relaxing, something Lena had been missing in her life for a long time. Her week in paradise left a deep and unforgettable impression on both of them.

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Lena’s story was exciting and absolutely romantic, something I never expected from her. In the Donovan and Julia books, she was this awesome character who refused to let her past define her. Seeing Lena’s vulnerability as she was forced to deal with her stalker, her past, and her self-esteem was a beautiful and heartbreaking experience.

During her rise to the top, she encountered many enemies and unethical decisions, but she never lost sight of her ambition. Her chance meeting with CJ confident, handsome and playful changed the course of her life. Aside from the romance, Aleatha is simply characterized by the tension and spin behind Lena’s dangerous stalker who has been tormenting her for some time. As Lena begins to question everyone, especially those around her, she sees CJ as a safe haven, and he certainly delivers.

Ultimately, I loved this indie title because Lena Montgomery has always been a character that has fascinated me. She was powerful, but there was a vulnerability about her that made her really special. Plus, Lena needed a man who was willing to take the reins from her but also give it back to her: CJ does that and more.

Despite the age difference, CJ was wise beyond his years and became Lena’s rock in her time of need. Her love scenes were passionate and swoon-worthy as CJ persistently pursued Lena and chose her above all else. Fans of Aleatha Romig and the Sin series will definitely want to read this book because we delve into the character of Lena and meet her with the story of Donovan and Julia Sherman.

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