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Attraction book pdf download for free or read online, also Attraction was written by Kelly Fox.

AuthorKelly Fox
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Attraction Book PDF download for free

Attraction Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Kelly Fox comes a new kind of mob romance!

I’m a crime boss. And I’m in love with a virgin. I run a high-end escort service, and Ford is a nervous money nerd in a perfect bow tie and sexy glasses. It makes no sense, this attraction between us.

Although he keeps me at a distance, he has never left my orbit. We are moth and flame, inexplicably drawn to each other’s darkness and light.

Hell, I’m really becoming a better man because of him.

I accompanied him to the Manhattan benefit gala season, and the more I get to know him, the more I fall in love with his sharp wit, his unique style, and his hard-earned confidence. I’ll be as patient as I have to be to win him over.

The one thing I’m not willing to do, though, is let the man who put fear in his eyes get away with it.

I don’t care how powerful or rich he is, I will destroy the world so that Ford feels safe enough to love me.

Attraction is a mob romance starring a new generation of crime bosses, a billionaire with exquisite taste, and a found family made up entirely of morally gray do-gooders.

The books in this series are self-contained, and the HEA is always guaranteed.

Attraction Book Pdf Download

All. That. feel. I love this series and these men. I love how they go around the world and make it their own. I love how hard and fast they love. What I like the most is that they don’t apologize to themselves, but I hope that Hopper never pushes the limits.

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Ford and Luca are beautiful, real and full of surprises. Scorching sweet surprises. “Before last night I would have died for him, killed for him, anything to protect him. Today I would live for him, change for him, do anything to make him feel safe.” Like I said, it all feels and just adorable.

I admire the different who Luca and Ford are and how they complement each other so perfectly. I fell in love with Ford’s bravery, Luca’s conviction and total dedication. But it never hurts when Luca looks like a gangster and I will never shy away from the depths he will go to protect your loved ones. A fantastic addition to an already amazing series. I absolutely cannot contain my anticipation for what is to come. All the hoppers, all the time.

This is my favorite of the series so far! I loved Ford and Luca. We got to know her latent appeal from the first two books and the payoff in her story here was just fantastic! It was playful, cute, steamy, compassionate, intimate, just wonderful! Ford has a lot to do with his past and the way he and Luca dealt with it as they cultivated their friendship in a relationship was spectacular.

Luca is the gangster with a heart of gold for those he loves and he loved Ford very much. He protected him with everything he had. The way that all the characters are woven into this found family was really just amazing. I really loved the way they supported each other. We also get a lot more information about Hopper and RICO’s agent from him and I can’t wait to see how his story unfolds!

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Luca is a sexy mobster and Ford is a lovable billionaire. It’s pretty much love at first sight between the two, but they’re taking it in stride, especially since Ford is a virgin and going through sexual trauma.

This book is cheerful and romantic. No complains! I really enjoyed the time I spent with Luca and Ford building their relationship. Ford has a very serious trauma that he is working on and I appreciate that he was not in a hurry. Luca is so patient and loving, and Ford is honestly very funny, and cheeky as hell, once he lets his guard down with Luca. These men were super cute together and written in Kelly’s signature style, which is that they get vulnerable with each other and things get emotional at times.

Luca works to reform his business practices to work with Ford, but the ruthless gangster gets out when another family starts encroaching on Lucas’s turf, and his protective gangster gets out when Ford confronts his past. Of course, Ford is totally turned on by his bad boy, which was very entertaining. This book is described as son of a murder and that is 100% correct!

All the fun supporting characters and couples from the previous books appear. I love your friends! And I especially love men who are loyal to Luca and his brother.

This book is full of entertaining and ridiculous fun, and I think it differs from the typical mob romance, but this book and the last one just didn’t grab me the way Kelly’s books usually do. I recommend it; I just didn’t like it as much as the first book. I think if you’re a fan of Kelly check this out and if you’re a fan of mob romances you’ll love this book. I intend to read the next book. I need Liam and Hopper’s story!

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To fully enjoy this book, you must read the previous books. The best thing about this book was the buildup between Ford and Luca from the previous books and the satisfaction of finally getting their story. And if you don’t read the other books, you’ll miss a lot of details. Happy reading!

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