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The Last Sister book pdf download for free or read online, also The Last Sister pdf was written by Kendra Elliot.

Kendra Elliot has sold ten million books, been on the Wall Street Journal’s top ten bestseller list more than a dozen times, and is a three-time winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award.

She is a finalist in International Thriller Writers and a finalist in Romantic Times. She grew up in the lush Pacific Northwest, but lately she’s been spending most of her time on a warm beach and always wears flip-flops.

BookThe Last Sister
AuthorKendra Elliot
Size1.8 MB

The Last Sister Book PDF download for free

The Last Sister Book PDF download for free

Twenty years ago, Emily Mills’ father was murdered and she found his body hanging in her backyard. Her younger sister, Madison, claims that she slept in her room. Her older sister, Tara, claims that she went out with friends. The tragedy drove her mother to suicide and Tara to leave town for good. The killer was caught. The case is closed.

Ever since, Emily and Madison have been trying to forget what happened that night, until an eerily similar murder brings it all back.

He also takes FBI Special Agent Zander Wells to the Oregon logging town. As eager as he is to solve the brutal double murder, he’s also intrigued by the mystery surrounding Emily’s and her sisters’ pasts.

As more blood is spilled, Zander suspects that there is a secret buried in this city that no one wants to reveal. Is it something that Emily and Madison don’t know? Or won’t you tell? And Tara? Maybe Emily can’t bear to find her. Because when Tara disappeared, he took a secret with her.

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The Last Sister Book Pdf Download

If you’re a fan of Kendra Elliot, you’ll really enjoy this well-developed novel with captivating characters set in a small town near where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. If you read the author’s co-written Widow’s Island series of novels, co-written with Melinda Leigh, you’ll likely notice several similarities between the characters and the stories. However, this police murder and trial has more depth and plot development, making it a more satisfying read.

The author’s plot focus on family victims with strong plot support from law enforcement characters makes this novel more personal and relatable for readers. The quaint hometown interactions heighten post-murder tensions and anxieties in the tight-knit community searching for answers.

Adding to the novel’s suspense are several untimely deaths twenty years ago that must now be re-examined through more recent similar tragedies. Just as you find out, the author turns everything upside down by identifying darker topics with potentially racist undertones. Affected communities and families face a number of challenges and questions about missing persons. Who can you trust?

Although the story starts out slow and somewhat predictable, the number of surprises and the pace of the action increase with each chapter, making it impossible to stop reading until the last chapter. Hold on tight!

The two narrators in Audible’s companion reading option made the story more compelling by adding appropriate character dialogue variations that capitalized on the book’s inertia and made the reading experience even more enjoyable.

Violent and sexual situations have been downplayed, making the story more appropriate for a wider audience, though some may find the occasional but not too frequent swearing offensive.

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Threats, attempted murders, hate crimes, racism, KKK connections, violence, mysteries, suspense and hints of light romance are all integrated into this new series from Elliot. He’s gritty, has emotional appeal, and feels consistently edgy from start to finish. The story is engaging and the characters are well developed and likable (aunties are great!). Elliot has a gift for weaving tragedy, malevolence, drama, family ties, and emotional conflict into a superb mystery thriller that will leave you stunned and ready for the next book in the series.

Emily and her sisters Tara and Madison experienced tragedy and loss in their childhood, and the impact has carried over into her adult life. One sister ran away from her and hasn’t been heard from since, one sister has closed in on herself and is just trying to move on, and one sister is upset and bitter at the others and the terrible circumstances that drove them apart. Lies and secrets cloud her memories of the pivotal moments of her parents’ deaths, keeping them all apart.

And when a new murder in her hometown mirrors that of her father and old evidence resurfaces, her worlds crumble around her as horrific truths are exposed. Complications arise when the FBI teams up with the local police to solve the case, asking questions and reliving the worst moment of the sisters’ lives. If the present reflects the past, has the killer really been found? Or are they still lurking in the shadows, waiting to strike…finally eliminating anyone who might know the truth?

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