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Little Bird book pdf download for free or read online, also Little Bird pdf was written by Jenika Snow.

BookLittle Bird
AuthorJenika Snow
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Little Bird Book PDF download for free

Little Bird Book PDF download for free

From USA Today bestselling author Jenika Snow comes a new full-length indie romance about the dark mafia set in the world of the Underworld Kings.

When I first met Dmitry Petrov, he made a deal for my sister’s hand with her brother.

I should have really hated him for that alone, but when he really stopped my father from hitting me, my young heart felt something new and wonderful for the first time.

Little Bird Pdf Download

It was this incurable feeling that consumed me under his protection.

But he was almost fifteen years older than me, more dangerous than any man I had ever met, and he saw me only as his sister-in-law’s younger brother.

And when he was arrested and imprisoned, five long years passed. I refused to give up the idea that one day he would see me as a woman, a woman he wanted. So I texted him every day, trusting him, telling him what was going on in my life, what I hated and loved. I did all of this hoping that he would respond to me, wanting him to love me the way I wanted him.

But year after year passed without an answer. Until that changed. Until he texted me again. Dmitry was cruel and tough and said things that should have made me cry. Don’t make me want it anymore

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I knew I was playing with fire, sending a criminal photos of me after my eighteenth birthday, thinking about him doing private things alone in my room. But he was a virus deep inside me and there was no cure for what he had.

And then my life changed completely when my brother tried to marry me off. I refused to be a pawn in the mafia world, so my only option was to leave the only home I had ever known.

But when Dmitry was released from prison, I faced the leader of the Russian mafia, whom everyone fears. And he made one thing very clear.

I am yours. He takes me with him. And anyone who tries to stop him will die.

Little Bird book is my first introduction to this world that author Jenika Snow has built. I loved it. I’m a fan of mafia books so this book did it for me. While there were some hot and steamy moments between Dmitry and Claudia, I wish there were more moments between these two.

In terms of their chemistry, it seemed like she was a bit one-sided midway through the story. At first, the interaction between these two was brief. When Claudia started writing Dmitry, she felt more like a girl growing into a woman sharing with a friend, rather than a lover.

Luckily, the last half of the story seemed the best to me. That’s because Dmitry was released from prison and was able to show Claudia what she meant to him. Like I said, those moments were hot. If you’re looking for your next Age Gap reading, then check out this book.

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Claudia grew up as the girl of a mafia boss. She has experienced abuse and violence throughout her life. She was never the one to submit and stay calm no matter how many times her father slapped her. One night, while eavesdropping, he overhears a conversation between his father and the leader of the Russians in New York. They act on the terms that their sister will marry the leader’s brother. Her father spots her and brings her into the room to punish her for listening.

The leader of the Russian mob, Dmitry, does not condone violence against women and intervenes before Claudia’s father can hit her. This is the beginning of Claudia’s fascination with Dmitry. When Dmitry goes to prison, Claudia comes up with the idea of writing to him. She texts him the whole time he’s gone and only gets 2 letters back. What will happen if he is released and who will Claudia be forced to marry?

Little Bird is age difference, arranged marriage, dark mafia romance with so much spice! Dmitry gives off those daddy vibes that eat up Claudia. I loved Little Bird book and I love the way Jenika writes her books. She writes books exactly how I imagine them. There is very little conflict and lots and lots of spice!

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