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The Next 365 Days book pdf download for free or read online, also The Next 365 Days pdf was written by Blanka Lipinska.

Blanka Lipińska born on July 22, 1985 is a Polish cosmetologist and author best known for her erotic trilogy beginning with 365 Dni (365 days). The first and second novels were adapted into the year 2020 and 2022 films, for which she co-wrote the screenplay and in which she has a cameo appearance.

She was born in the Puławy in southeastern Poland to Malgorzata and Grzegorz Lipiński. After graduating from high school, she graduated from the technical college for cosmetics.

Before becoming an author, Lipińska worked as a therapist and hypnotist. He likes sport and fitness as well as sailing.

Lipińska’s three books are part of a trilogy. They were first published in Polish. An English translation of the first book was published in January year 2021, with the second, That Day, due out in year 2022. The events in all three books take place within a few months. Lipińska said the inspiration for her erotic trilogy was Fifty Shades of Gray and a personal vacation trip to Sicily. She has described her works as the semi-autobiographical.

Blanka Lipinska is one of the world’s best-selling authors. Her trilogy has been translated into almost thirty languages ​​and sold in more than a hundred countries around the world with millions of copies in print. She writes more out of pleasure than necessity, and writes for fun rather than money. She loves tattoos, values ​​truthfulness, and values ​​altruism.

Angered by her lack of openness about sex, she took it upon herself to start a discussion about the many aspects of love. She likes to say that talking about sex is as easy as cooking dinner. Blanka was ranked by Wprost magazine as one of the highest paid writers in Poland in year 2019. In year 2020 she was listed by the same magazine as one of the most influential women in the Poland.

The National Library of the Poland Readers’ Poll lists her among the top ten most popular authors in the Poland and the ForbesWomen magazine lists her among the top women’s brands. her best-selling novel 365 Days is the basis for one of the top-grossing Netflix films of year 2020. The film spent ten days at number 1, the second-highest in the list’s history. The Netflix film 365 Days: This Day also shot to #1 in nearly ninety countries in its first week.

BookThe Next 365 Days
AuthorBlanka Lipinska
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The Next 365 Days Book PDF download for free

The Next 365 Days Book PDF download for free

As the wife of Don Massimo Torricelli, one of Sicily’s most dangerous mafia bosses, Laura’s life is a rollercoaster ride. He is often in danger, the potential target of Massimo’s ruthless enemies, who will stop at nothing to destroy the powerful man.

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And when Laura is seriously very injured in an attack, is pregnant and is struggling to survive, Massimo faces the most hardest decision of his life. What will his life become without Laura? Will he will be able to raise his one and only son alone? What will be the fate of his beloved family and their 365 days could come to an end?

The Next 365 Days Book Pdf Download

This is the last book in the 365 Days series. The Next 365 Days a MAFIA romance, not a BDSM romance like 50 Shades. BDSM has doms and subs. The mafia has violence. If you have any triggers, DO NOT read; this is not a book for you, it will set you off. I know it’s popular and there are movies. But this is still a mafia-style romance novel. If you don’t read mafia novels, you will be surprised by the content of the story.

If you are like me and have absolutely no triggers, love rough sex, violence and really bad gangsters then this is a must watch. This book gets very dark. It’s the series finale, so it has to be natural.

Since this is the third part, I assume you have read the previous two books. The first chapter is from Laura’s perspective, but in the future. It’s 365 days since her first kidnapping. There is a hug revealed in this chapter! We then jump back to where the second story left off, starting with Laura waking up in the hospital.

The Next 365 Days book is a love triangle between Laura, Massimo and Nacho. Massimo is a very powerful Don who literally kidnapped Laura and threatened to kill her family in the first story. He will do anything to have her. She is his only chance to love, there is no other for him. Sensing a strain in their relationship, he becomes the monster she would expect from a man in his position. Blanka Lipinska did a wonderful job with her character development, turning Massimo into a complex anti-villain.

Laura struggles with the trauma of the island: this and other reasons put her marriage to the test. She loves her husband very much, but is that enough to keep them together?

Nacho remains faithful to her character as a murderer. He is cunning, cunning, skilled and wants to steal Laura’s heart from Massimo. Both men are complete opposites and a difficult decision for Laura.

Once again, there are MANY triggers in the story. Please don’t read a show about the mob and then complain that it was dark and violent. It’s like ordering a whiskey and complaining that it’s not a fruity margarita.

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But if you’re here for all the bad stuff, then start reading NOW!

I love a good dirty trilogy like the next girl, but this book made me have a visceral reaction to almost every plot point.


Here are my thoughts:

  1. In The Next 365 Days Consent. The author must have gotten feedback that her first two books completely ignored this concept, so she took it to the end. She could have contrasted Massimo and Nacho more in terms of a consensual, loving relationship and let Laura choose Nacho because he actually gave her a choice. And this is just sexual consent. The medical aspect of this is just as outrageous. Laura is an alcoholic with a heart problem, and I can only remember one or two times on the show where she willingly took her medication instead of having a man put it in her mouth. She gets a heart transplant (at what price she never asks) and drinks alcohol as if she had three kidneys, not one. None of this seems to affect her. It’s like she’s a car that needs a new fuel filter, nothing more.
  2. in The Next 365 Days I can forgive many of the mistakes in this series (I know what I signed up for), but I cannot forgive being deprived of a compelling conclusion to the 365-Day Triangle. If we look at this through the wormhole lens of the Twilight Saga fanfic, this is a seggy alternate dimension where Bella (Laura) prefers the werewolf (Nacho) to the vampire (Massimo). Only in the end Nacho turns out to be a vampire himself. He may not be as open with Laura, but he controls her sister Amelia in much the same way that Massimo controls Laura. And while Nacho proved that he wouldn’t pass out and hit Laura if he was drunk (what a low bar), his sober reactions to her disagreements were still not “healthy.”
    I wish we had sat through Seggs’ unnecessary (if boring) scenes long enough to build some suspense and seggsual tension between Laura and Nacho while she was still under Massimo’s control. But instead, she walks into Nacho’s arms in the first act of the book and we have to read the author’s attempt to fill the book to 385 pages.
  3. In The Next 365 Days I think what we should take away from Laura and Massimo’s failed relationship is that Massimo only wanted to be “nice” or vulnerable to Laura because he thought she was an embodiment of his “vision of her” of her from years before. she. Realizing that it was a memory and not a vision, Laura was relegated to being another dehumanized lover of the literary Andrew Tate. (Those last two sentences explained it better than the entire book.) This negates Massimo’s entire arc at the beginning of the story, where he talks about basically being fed up with nightlife, women, cocaine, etc. I know the author needed a way to bring Laura and Nacho together, but if you ask me, Massimo was bad enough. I mean, he kidnapped her.
  1. In In The Next 365 Days The mob is not omniscient. I got really tired of hearing Nacho tell Laura that he knew everything, saw everything, anticipated everything… etc. I liked that Nacho seemed more like a caretaker of Laura and had more emotional than physical expectations. But when he told her that he knew she was taking the pill all the way, I said “yuck” out loud. We could have had a more human version of this character who knew her limitations as her protector, which would have raised the stakes and the drama. But instead, we get two know-it-all mob bosses who have time to insist that their goons be certified in CPR in case Laura attempts suicide. just huh
  2. In In The Next 365 Days It is impossible that the second pregnancy does not represent an extremely high risk. I know we should be happy the baby is nachos and not massimos, but a review of Laura’s activities over 7 weeks would suggest that she was (on her kidney, I might add) most days and nights and barely drinks Essen at excess, plus Massimo drugging her for two weeks. I’m pretty sure pregnant women really need to check if they’re on just one Tylenol, so I’m sorry if I don’t run to check the May baby shower registry.
  3. In In The Next 365 Days At some point in the book, Nacho tells Laura that he has a weird way of dealing with stress when Laura suggests giving him a blowjob in her car. The author had the opportunity to delve into Laura’s character and make her question her relationship and her use of seggs, but no. Why would he write a personal growth story when he has to make sure he writes two Segg scenes per chapter?
  4. In In The Next 365 Days Domenico and Olga could have served Laura as role models in a healthy relationship. I found that their relationship was more compatible than Laura’s, and Olga seemed to have more influence over her own life. This was a missed opportunity and I can only imagine it was because the author’s intentions for the story were so far removed from what the readers of the series wanted from her.

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