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The Overnight Guest book pdf download for free or read online, also The Overnight Guest pdf was written by Heather Gudenkauf.

BookThe Overnight Guest
AuthorHeather Gudenkauf
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The Overnight Guest Book PDF download for free

The Overnight Guest Book PDF download for free

A woman receives an unexpected visitor during a deadly snowstorm in this bone-chilling thriller from New York Times bestselling author Heather Gudenkauf.

True crime writer Wylie Lark doesn’t mind being blown away by snow to the remote farmhouse she has retreated to to write her new book. A cozy fire, total silence. It would be perfect if two people hadn’t been murdered in cold blood in this house decades earlier and a girl hadn’t disappeared without a trace.

As the storm worsens, Wylie finds herself trapped inside the house, haunted by the secrets hidden within her walls, haunted by her own secrets. She then discovers a little boy outside in the snow. After taking the boy inside for warmth and safety, she begins to search for answers. But it soon becomes clear that the farm is not as isolated as she thought and that someone is willing to do whatever it takes to find it.

The Overnight Guest Pdf Download

The Overnight Guest book, like some of hers and others of hers, is written in alternate time frames. In August 2000, the Doyle family lived in a rural Iowa community. The events of the year 2000 are intertwined. The first incident was when a local woman was out jogging at night and heard gunshots. Of course, she believes that the corn stalks growing on both sides of the road will provide shelter or hide for the shooter. When she sees a lone truck, she arouses fear and mistrust.

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The Cutter family, who run a pig farm in the area, are possible suspects. Deb Cutter’s husband ran away from home and his truck is missing, as is his son Brock’s. Brock is a veteran and has struggled with mental health since he returned from the Middle East in the late 1990s.

The Doyle family is in danger. Josie Doyle, 13, and her best friend Becky run away from home for a late-night adventure. The girls are unaware that someone is shooting a gun outside and that they might be next. In fact, Josie is shot in the arm by her when she grabs Becky to run from the bullets.

Josie’s parents are killed and her older brother Ethan and her truck are missing. Could Ethan have done this? Becky somehow goes missing and Josie has to deal with the consequences of being orphaned. Luckily her grandparents welcome her.

Fast forward to 2022:

Wylie Lark is a true crime writer who lives on a ramshackle farmhouse in Burden Iowa. A snowstorm has forced them to stay home. As a divorced woman with a 14-year-old son living out of state with her ex, Wylie tries to convince herself that an arrangement is for the best. His current project is about the Doyle murders and Becky’s disappearance.

Through a series of bizarre coincidences, Wylie finds a boy nearly frozen outside her door, and the boy’s mother severely injured and an overturned pickup truck nearby. More questions arise: who are they? Were they looking for Wylie? Does the boy’s mother have other secrets besides escaping from an abusive husband? And the boy?

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The Overnight Guest was an excellent mystery that kept me reading late into the night. Heather Gudenkauf is a master of the whodunit, and this book was no exception.

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