Download The Five People You Meet In Heaven [PDF] By Mitch Albom

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The Five People You Meet In Heaven book pdf download for free or read online, also The Five People You Meet In Heaven pdf was written by Mitch Albom.

BookThe Five People You Meet In Heaven
AuthorMitch Albom
Size528 KB

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Book PDF download for free

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Book PDF download for free

Eddie is a wounded war veteran, an old man who says he has lived an uninspired life. His job is to fix rides at an amusement park by the sea. On his 83rd birthday, he dies in a tragic accident while trying to save a girl from an overturned car. He wakes up in the afterlife, where he learns that heaven is not a destination.

It’s a place where five people explain their lives to you, some of whom you knew, some of whom might have been strangers. One by one, from infancy to old age, Eddie’s five characters revisit their connections to him on Earth, illuminating the mysteries of his “meaningless” life and revealing the haunting mystery behind the eternal question, “Why?” I was?” here? “

The Five People You Meet In Heaven Pdf Download

In many ways, The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a simple little book; As is often the case, the deepest answers reveal themselves most clearly in the simplest explanations. This is not a book about heaven in the religious sense; the truths it lays out are found right here in our own lives: every life has a purpose, every person and every action is interconnected, and though you may not see it now, it all makes sense in the end.

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Eddie represents all of us to some degree. He’s almost a ghost of himself as he looks back on his life with regret at all the things he should or shouldn’t have done. Since his wife’s death, he’s basically done the same job his father did before him, dealing with with the bad dreams caused by his war experiences, and watching his body deteriorate to a point where he can barely move, expecting nothing, feeling nothing but regret.

He always wanted to get away from his father and live a completely different life, but he ended up taking his father’s job, living in the same building, and not being able to achieve any of the hopes and dreams he held so tightly to when he was born. He was young. men. His wife was his only anchor and she died a long time ago.

When we first meet Eddie, he is on the brink of death. However, the ending is just another beginning, and we learn the story of Eddie’s life as the novel progresses. Heaven is not what he expected; finds no rest here at all. However, happiness cannot come without understanding, and five people are waiting to explain Eddie’s life to her. Among them are people he barely knew or didn’t know at all, but he soon learns what a great influence he had on his earthly lives.

Each one teaches Eddie a lesson that he must learn to find peace. I won’t describe who the five people are or what they say to him; but I want to say that the overall message is really moving and meaningful. Understanding is not a painless process, but it brings complete relief to Eddie’s soul. The ending was just beautiful. It would have been easy to sit back and let an overly cheesy ending ruin the whole story, but Albom won’t let that happen.

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While The Five People You Meet In Heaven is an excellent and worthwhile read, some readers will never fully immerse themselves in the story and therefore wonder what the big deal with this book is. For many, however, The Five People You Meet In Heaven will provide an important measure of comfort and inspiration to those who see only a sorry past and no future. We all sometimes wonder why we are here and if it is worth continuing in a monotonous and meaningless day after day. This book does not provide a definitive answer to such deep questions, but there is an answer, and it is comforting.

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