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The Paris Apartment book pdf download for free or read online, also The Paris Apartment pdf was written by Lucy Foley.

Lucy Foley is a British author of contemporary historical fiction and detective fiction. His novels The Paris Apartment and The Guest List are New York Times bestsellers.

Foley studied English literature at the University College London and the Durham University.

Foley have worked as an editor at the Headline Publishing Group and Hodder & Stoughton before writing full-time.

The Paris Apartment was released on February 22, year 2022. The book was named one of the most anticipated books of the year by the Goodreads and Good Housekeeping.

BookThe Paris Apartment
AuthorLucy Foley
Size2.1 MB

The Paris Apartment Book PDF download for free

The Paris Apartment Book PDF download for free

Jess needs a fresh start. She is totally broke and alone, and she has just left her job under less than the ideal circumstances. Her half-brother Ben didn’t seem too thrilled when she asked him if she could go out with him, but he didn’t say she couldn’t and things would certainly look better from Paris. Only when she shows up, to find a really nice apartment, could Ben really have afforded it? – He’s not there.

The longer Ben disappears, the more Jess is worried about her brother’s situation and the more questions she has. Ben’s neighbors are a diverse and not particularly friendly bunch. Jess may have come to Paris to escape her past, but it seems Ben’s future is in doubt.

The socialite – The nice guy – The alcoholic – The girl on the verge – The concierge

Everyone is a neighbor. Everyone is suspicious. And everyone knows something they don’t say.

The Paris Apartment Book Pdf Download

Lucy Foley is alongside the likes of Ruth Ware and C.L. Taylor, who she can trust to produce high-quality, well-thought-out novels that are entertaining. Her latest book, The Paris Apartment, is no exception. If you enjoyed his previous mystery thrillers The Hunting Party and The Guest List, there’s a good chance you will too.

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I’ve seen it described as “a classic crime thriller,” but as with her previous work, I’d suggest that perhaps calling it “a why” or possibly even “a crime thriller” would be more appropriate. There are definitely elements of “The Apartment in Paris” that are in the tradition of the classic crime thriller: we have a mostly closed setting and a clearly defined cast. Each of the main characters has a hidden backstory with secrets they wish to keep that could easily serve as motivation to “do the deed”.

The closed environment here is the Parisian apartment of the same name: a stunning residence in a desirable and desirable part of the city. It offers a setting that is both suitably atmospheric and the essence of a “Golden Age” mystery, while offering a refreshing alternative to the British country house or secluded hotel.

The dramatis personae are made up of troublemaker Jess, who has come to Paris to stay with her half-brother Ben, and the occupants of the apartment, who are Ben’s neighbors. The narrative is presented from the point of view of each of the key characters, and Lucy Foley generally does a good job of giving each one a clear and believable voice.

A traditional “Golden Age” mystery would tend to see the crime in the first half of the book, while the rest tries to solve the mystery and determine who the culprit might be. But as with its predecessor “The Guest List,” the real event only comes to light much deeper into the story. Much more time is spent figuring out who might have done “something” and why certain individuals might have had a different motive for doing “something” depending on events and developments. Lucy Foley becomes increasingly adept at this as she gradually creates backstories and reveals her relevance to later events.

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The only aspect of the book that I found a bit disappointing was the ending. I felt that the impressive foundation created and built throughout the novel warranted a stronger conclusion, but other readers may see it differently. Nonetheless, this is another excellent work by Lucy Foley that she would happily recommend.

When Jess arrives at a beautiful old Paris apartment block to spend time with her older half-brother Ben, only to discover that he has mysteriously disappeared, she instinctively knows something is wrong. He settles into his third-floor apartment and tries to get acquainted with the place and its other residents, the snobbish socialite who owns the penthouse apartment, the strange Mimi, the drunk Antoine, Ben’s old college friend Nick, and the vigilant concierge.

The more he watches them all and discovers their secrets, the more he suspects that one of them knows more about Ben’s disappearance than they’re letting on, and when he stumbles upon a story that Ben has been researching, the pieces of the puzzle slowly begin to unravel. to snap into place to mix to match. However, the closer she gets to finding out what happened to Ben, the more danger Jess is in!

I know Foley’s last novel, The Guest List, was quite popular, but since I was a bit short-changed by this book after all the hype, I have to say I really enjoyed his latest offering. There are certainly similarities in his writing style in both books, with short, snappy chapters that help build suspense and keep you eager to move on to the next, as well as multiple angles and a strong sense of atmosphere. As with The Guest List, I liked the gradual thinning of the layers of the characters as their backstories are slowly revealed for you to start piecing together the connections.

While I wouldn’t say that the characters in this book are necessarily likeable, aside from Jess, I found myself connecting with them a lot more than I did with the characters in The Guest List, and I felt that Foley did a better job of portraying them. here he has done most of them in a rounder way that shows their weak points as well as their nastiest traits and flaws.

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We see flashbacks and we see Ben through the eyes of each resident and how they perceive him, and it certainly becomes clear why everyone might have reason to have him out of the picture. Aside from where I thought I had solved the mystery, the ending really surprised me, unlike The Guest List, which I found more predictable.

As a crime fiction there is nothing exceptional here, Foley mostly sticks to tried and true formulas, but I personally found it to be a crime fiction that was consistently well told and engaging, even if the pacing was rather slow.

The apartment itself feels very isolated from the surrounding streets of Paris, with an uneasiness that creates a “country house mystery” feel, but in a more contemporary setting. When Jess ventures out, Foley is able to capture the vibrancy of Paris, both its most exclusive parts and a cosmopolitan city, as well as hints of an uglier side of turmoil and violence.

I think Foley also does a good job in the book of contrasting the lives of the exclusively wealthy with the less privileged (even Ben and Jess have lived quite different lives because he was adopted and she was raised in foster care), and there’s a A dark story is told here of how the weakest members of society can be exploited and taken advantage of while those in high places wield their power.

Overall, I found this entertaining and engaging read, and will probably return at some point to Foley’s previous mystery, The Hunting Party, which I haven’t read yet.

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