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The Passing Storm book pdf download for free or read online, also The Passing Storm pdf was written by Christine Nolfi.

Christine Nolfi is the award-winning author of fifteen best-selling novels, including The Passing Storm, cited by Publishers Weekly as “highly drawn, expertly characterized, and genuinely captivating” and a gold medalist for general fiction at the International Book Awards. Look out for Christine’s 2022 release, A Brighter Flame.

Other works of hers include The Road She Left Behind, a top book club pick by Working Mother and Parade magazines, and the award-winning Sweet Lake Series: Sweet Lake, The Comfort of Secrets, and The Season of Silver Linings.

Previous works include Second Chance Grill, highly recommended by The Midwest Book Review and Treasure Me, winner of the Next Generation Indie Awards and Put Your Heart in a Book Awards.

The Tree of Everlasting Knowledge was cited by The Midwest Book Review as the “moving and powerful, as much a saga of survival, healing, and learning the forgiveness as it is a chilling detective story, unforgettable to the end.”

Originally from Ohio, Christine now lives in South Carolina with her husband and their crazy Wheaten Terrier, Lucy.

BookThe Passing Storm
AuthorChristine Nolfi
Size1.3 MB

The Passing Storm Book PDF download for free

The Passing Storm Book PDF download for free

A passionate and sincere novel about family, reconciliation and the revelation of the mysteries of the past.

As her exciting 30s begins, Rae Langdon struggles to process a pain she never expected. She and her father, Connor, tend their Ohio farm, a 30-acre farm that has seen better days. As memories of her flood her, some too precious to bear, Rae offers refuge from a brutal winter to a teenage girl named Quinn Galecki.

Quinn has been kicked out by her parents, a couple too troubled to make the misunderstood child suffer her own losses. Now Quinn has found a temporary home with the Langdons and an unexpected bond, as Rae, Quinn and Connor share a past and understand each other’s pain. But its depths, and all its revelations and secrets, have yet to be unearthed. To finally move on, Rae must face them and also fight for Quinn, whose parents have other plans for her child.

With forgiveness, love, and the spring thaw, there might be hope for a new season: a second chance that Rae believed in her heart was gone forever.

The Passing Storm Book Pdf Download

The Passing Storm was a great title for this book. Just as a storm shakes nature, structures, and sometimes our souls, the lives of these characters have also been affected, but when a storm passes, a new day dawns for those who are ready to receive it.

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No matter what you say, it won’t convey the beautiful and skillful layering of the multifaceted characters, their past, present, and what we can glimpse or expect in their future. Many were deeply flawed, like humans, but some embraced growth and change almost against their will, which made me worry about them even more. I have to say that I had a strong dislike for Rae at first, but the author completely changed my mind about 25% of the way through the book. He just had to take the journey with Rae, accept my displeasure, and read on.

This book deals very well with difficult subjects and slowly brings to light the mysteries that have been held back and put aside for another day while giving us glimmers of hope on the horizon for reconciliation, new beginnings and the realization that what what one thinks happened is not always the reality.

If you want a book that makes you think and feel, that makes you realize that a person’s perception of a situation is not always correct, and that gives you a great deal of hope for change, this is the book. Pre-order it, borrow it from the library, or borrow it from a friend, but you’ll want to dive into The Passing Storm. You probably have a solid book hangover, but that won’t help if you want to fully enjoy The Passing Storm’s emotional ride.

Christine Nolfi’s The Passing Storm is a story about family, reconciliation and closure from the past. Rae Langdon has struggled with grief for most of her adult life. First with the sudden loss of her mother in the storm of the century due to the tragic accident that afflicted her daughter. Along with her father Connor, she tends to her farm in Ohio, which has seen better days, but she is determined to conserve the land. While the days are a struggle with memories and anger, she offers shelter to a person she desperately wanted to hate.

Quinn Galecki is a teenager who had a very disturbing relationship with his parents. At the start of a promising winter, he is kicked out. With nowhere to go, he finds a temporary home with the Langdons. While working for a living, Quinn develops an unexpected kinship with Rae and Connor. But soon secrets are revealed that threaten this new relationship. Will they find a way to move on from their pain and find the bright future that awaits them on the other side of the passing storm?
The Passing Storm is full of drama, intrigue and mystery.

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Like a building storm, the story starts slowly and you’ll wonder where the story is headed. Then, as the storm intensifies, the revelations build and build until the intensity of the storm takes your breath away and you hang on for dear life as the storm blows. The story is full of twists and turns that will make you turn the page! From the opening character, we see an angry Rae facing off against a shy and scared Quinn. What could the teenager have done to provoke such anger in an adult? Rae was a woman who often got out of hand, she added sadly, and she can’t think straight.

We soon learn that Rae is struggling not only with pain but also with the deepest secrets of the past. At first, Rae is a difficult woman to love, but as the story unfolds and she brings Quinn into her house, I can see that she hides a lot of anguish, pain and even guilt. I liked Yuna, Rae’s best friend, as Rae’s voice of reason. I highly recommend The Passing Storm.

THE PASSING STORM by Christine Nolfi is a beautifully written and moving story of family, friendship and forgiveness that will stay with me for a long time. Rae Langdon and Ella’s father Connor manage her large farm in small Ohio town. They are both struggling with grief and pain that they cannot let go of. Quinn Galecki, a teenager who lives near her, is struggling with a difficult home life and her own painful losses. Despite her misgivings, Rae offers to take Quinn in when her parents kick him out.

While spending time together, Rae, Connor and Quinn form an unexpected bond that helps them heal. As long-buried secrets from the past are revealed, the characters must confront their innermost feelings to find hope for the future. I couldn’t help but root for these complex characters as each faced their guilt, anger, and heartbreak to find connection and reconciliation. I was totally captivated by this emotional and heartfelt story and can only recommend it.

I am never afraid to read a book by Christine Nolfi. Even without reading the synopsis, I know it’s going to turn a page. This is his best yet. It’s excellent. It is wonderful. It is very sad. It is a heartbreaking story that also evokes other feelings. It’s like being with the characters.

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I loved this book. I took care of the characters, except for Quinn’s parents. I didn’t like it either. You weren’t worthy of having such a wonderful son. They were worth nothing. Both losers. They both only care about themselves.

Rae is a strong woman. She has been through a lot. She is loved and lost. She lost the most important thing in her life. So many losses for a young woman, but she keeps going. She is a forgiving person, but you have to give her some time. She is a caring person and cares deeply about her loved ones. She could have been a very bitter woman, but she was not. She had her moments of need, but overall she was a great person. With bugs, of course….

This story will touch your heart. It will make you cry in so many places. It will also bring a smile to many. I liked the descriptions in this book. You could feel the icy cold. You could feel the pain that some felt from the blizzard. The losses were felt. This touched a bit on depression and what it does to a person. It is real. He was portrayed realistically. In a way, you knew what was going on. Even if young Rae didn’t get it then.

She loved Rae’s father, Connor. She made mistakes, but in the end she complied. He was there when he mattered. He helped her young daughter become the young woman she was destined to be. I loved this book. He touched my heart. It made me think about few things. One was the father. Who was Lark’s father? I found out how pretty from the beginning, but not who. It didn’t take anything good away from the story. You won’t forget this one in a pinch. He will stay with you.

I also liked the love story part. It wasn’t all soggy and gross. lol It was cute and real. I understood the separation that had to be. And that it took so long. This just goes to show that love can be a lifeline that stretches over the years and brings two people together. Two people who have a destiny. It was one of those things that should be.

This book took my breath away. Made me cry. It made me laugh a couple of times. The last two chapters really blew my head away. But it was worth it. I could also imagine the lights. The beautiful light show. It made me think that some people might be able to see from beyond the grave.

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