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Say You Swear book pdf download for free or read online, also Say You Swear pdf was written by Meagan Brandy.

Meagan Brandy is a journalist for USA Today and the Wall Street Journal.

She is a bestselling author of romance and sports novels for adults. Born and raised in California, she’s a married mom to three crazy guys who make her jump from field to field depending on the season, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Starbucks is her best friend and words are her wit.

BookSay You Swear
AuthorMeagan Brandy
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Say You Swear Book PDF download for free

Say You Swear Book PDF download for free

From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Meagan Brandy comes an angst-ridden new standalone romance about love, loss and the journey to forgiveness.

Say You Swear Book Pdf Download

Hands down it is my favorite Meagan Brandy story of all time! Helpless, heartbreaking and indelibly moving, Say You Swear is Meagan’s most emotional and richly told story yet. This story shines bright with everything that makes Meagan the queen of new adult romance: friends that are family, the thrills and dangers of first love, self-discovery, and plenty of heartbreak. From start to finish, this one captured my heart and will remain there for years to come.

Trust the hype: there is something very special about this story. so I can’t really tell you so much about it. Part of the experience is understanding where this romance is headed. Like our heroine, we try to figure out who tops what we want to be true. And like all of Meagan’s other stories, it’s not at all what you’d expect in more ways than one.

And that’s what makes it so charming: life is not told in commercials. Life unfolds in the experiences, mistakes and the moments – it’s part of the growing up and maturing. And thematically, this book really shines at conveying that, telling us a messy story involving young people trying to figure out their big feelings, process big mistakes, and figure out who they are and what they want. This is a story about the courage it takes to find yourself, embark on life’s crazy journey, muddle through life’s messy art, and love yourself… and others with grace.

But let me tell you now: say you swear to be the dreamiest book lover of all. I could not love this character more for good reason: my heart exploded with tenderness for him when we discovered him, I love him so much and to no end. The impotence, the sensuality, the delicacy and patience of him. He is the kind of beautiful soul that breaks your heart for the preciousness of him. He’s not at all the man we think he’ll be based on how we first see him, but isn’t that the magic of Meagan Brandy?

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It gives us characters that on the surface seem like one thing, but below the surface it keeps giving us more and more, a cornucopia of emotion and complexity. Our hero here has a sincerity that’s almost unbelievable in the authenticity of him, but he’s so beautiful. Passion, loyalty, insecurity and longing – this is a man whose love is something special. Much more than we know… but Meagan is testing him and us in unexpected ways. And again.

And our heroine, Ari, is super lovable and relatable – she’s a kinder Meagan heroine. Of course she has firmness and strength, but she is also quite vulnerable. She is a bit like a bleeding heart, which makes it very easy for her to get hurt. But she also has such a delicious spark and sass – I loved her heart and her sense of humor. We experience much of this story through her shoes: confronting her longing, his anguish, the loss and drama of young love, the joy and excitement of it.

While this story certainly got me going and the unexpected twists and turns broke and healed my heart, what I loved the most were the tonal contrasts: how Meagan somehow tells us a love story that is, at its core, innocent and sweet, light and tender, but she buries him in a mess of complications and drama. It’s such a delightful read, with the drama’s excitement and insecurities juxtaposed with those delightfully sweet and heartfelt moments. But once she learns who this story is about, her heart will fill with utter satisfaction at how perfectly they match.

How natural and authentic the chemistry and connection is despite being in the most unnatural and complicated dynamic. It’s really sweet and emotionally compelling. And I have never chosen a Meagan Brandy HEA so much. There are some heartbreaking and unexpected moments, both big and small, that brought tears to my eyes – I felt so connected to these characters that I absorbed their pain so easily. This is the story I FELT the most in Meagan Brandy’s universe, by far the most emotional story of hers. THERE IS A LOT OF FEAR, so she endures.

Fans of the world of Fumbled will see some adorable cameos, and the supporting cast is just perfect. Meagan has a knack for creating new adult stories that focus on characters who are a close-knit family, and this is one of his best. Each and every one of the characters stole my heart and played a crucial role in the outcome of this book. I’m already begging you guys to know his story (especially Ari’s twin brother!). I wish I could have been able to swim more in the HEA, especially after so much fear and drama, but I’m sure we’ll see these characters again.

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Hands down it is my favorite MB story – I just couldn’t love it more. The lovable characters, terrifying romance, lovable chemistry, and swooning magic had me greedily turning the pages. The terrifying new adult sports romance is DEFINITELY Meagan Brandy’s wheelhouse. We look forward to continuing to play in that world!

Warning, this review contains spoilers.

Well, the story, like almost all of Meagan Brandy’s books, was great. I would say this story is too long. And honestly, some parts REALLY bugged me, which is why it’s 4 stars instead of 5, but I read the full disclosure one day and stood my ground. But the loss of the baby was TOO MUCH, it really wasn’t necessary, especially with everything else Noah had to endure. Then the ending, although it was, felt too rushed. Did Noah go to the NFL? Did you have a baby, etc.

Ari was beautiful and strong, but she peed on me right after her accident. I mean the fact that the nurses told her that Noah was staying day and night, the fact that Mason told her that Chase wasn’t the father of her baby, and so many other clues, and yet she never put it together, and neither did she. wants to know That was incredibly selfish and stupid, and it didn’t fit with what we knew of her up to that point, so she’s not my favorite. She lost me there and a part of me wanted Noah to have someone who really deserved him and right now she wasn’t.

Chase: What a fucking bag of tools. She was a player who didn’t want anyone else to have them, but he didn’t want them enough himself. And he acts like he doesn’t know she’s a virgin, oh please. There was a condom, so there was blood involved. Not to mention that every girl I know tried to hide this, the guy found out right away.

But continuing to party, ignoring her depression and then bragging about other girls in front of her while being jealous of Noah was horrible. And the culmination of her asshole status was taking her opportunity from her knowing that she was alive for Noah and knowing what Noah was going through and the loss they shared together.

Unpopular opinion but she loved Mason, she was too protective but his heart was in the right place. BUT, and he’s a big but, he should have stepped in with Chase to take advantage of Ari’s amnesia. What an overprotective sibling allows that, or parents for that matter.

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Finally Noah, oh sweet broken Noah. He is, without a doubt, one of the best book heroes of all time. Seriously, he was perfect, except he should have fought more for them, but I understand where he came from. It was definitely the best part of this story.

He would 100% recommend this book even if he went crazy after the accident.

Oh my holy heartbreak and then heartbreaking!! This book, all of you! This damn book will definitely be one of my best reads of 2022. It was phenomenal. Every detail, exquisitely thought out and executed, wowed me. Although this book was slow, I loved it from the beginning. The premise alone had me hooked and I quickly wondered how terrifying this ride Meagan Brandy was about to take me on was going to be. The answer…more scared than I could have imagined, I want to tear my hair out and throw my Kindle across the room, a little!

This story is Ari’s journey. The search for him from the hea of ​​him. One we definitely wonder if he’ll ever see. It’s very much about entering your own beautiful but harrowing journey of self-discovery. I love Ari. I love the transformation of his character as a result of his experiences. Oh how I cried for her. I cheered for her, waited for her, celebrated for her, and collapsed with her. But even during the most devastating part of her journey, I felt despair with her.

I know that it had to end where she ended, everything was necessary for her story and I am very grateful for that experience. I would never change the feelings you get from a deep and cleansing therapeutic cry. The kind that comes out of a book that fits you before she puts you back together. sigh with complete satisfaction

Well I won’t name H but I will say she is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MB HERO! And let’s face it, she has some absolutely gorgeous guys to choose from. If I went into Build-A-Book-Boyfriend today and did it for myself, I would have chosen what Meagan had for him, but then she had more options than she even knew she had. He is perfection personified!! He is beautiful, talented, loving, sweet, powerless, and loyal in a more selfless way than ever.
He is all!

If you love fear. If you love new adults, sports romance and drama. If you’re obsessed like I am with amazing supporting characters and a story that stays with you long after you’ve closed the pages, I urge you to read this. you will read this “Say you swear”

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