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The Prince book pdf download for free or read online, also The Prince pdf was written by Loni Ree.

BookThe Prince
AuthorLoni Ree
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The Prince Book PDF download for free

The Prince Book PDF download for free

It’s love at first sight.


To say that I get angry when my brother tells me to marry a girl I’ve never met is an understatement. I am beyond angry. I really colorfully express my views on the matter to my MC brother over the breakfast, and the new waitress in the town takes offense. And she pours a pitcher of ice water into my lap.

At that moment, through the denim, I discover the infamous waterworks of Silver Spoon Falls. The angry little waitress steals my heart on the spot and is gone before my overwhelmed mind has time to react. Okay, I’ll find my curvy little peach and also make her mine. Even if it means getting really kicked out.


The great idiot believes that marrying me is a fate worse than death. My temptation and impulsiveness took over and I showed the shining prince what I thought of him. In the public. Oops. My mistake. Now I’m planning on leaving town before he realizes I’m actually his new fiancée, and the dog poop really goes haywire.

The waters of Silver Spoon Falls have claimed another victim. Sit back and enjoy the show as the prince tries to get out of the deep hole created by his big mouth.

If you like over-the-top curvy girl romance with lots of humor and a little dose of drama, then this Loni Ree Silver Spoon Falls Universe story is perfect for you.

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These rich Texans have it all: money, looks, power, their MC and his brothers. All that is missing is someone to share everything with. There’s a shortage of suitable ladies in town, but these determined men don’t let that stop them. These MC brothers will tour the town of Silver Spoon Falls, Texas in search of their curvy soulmates.

Nichole Rose and Loni Ree bring you the Silver Spoon MC series and these are not your typical MC love stories. Nichole and Loni like it easy. Join us on this wild ride of Instalove.

The Prince Book Pdf Download

Rumor has it that the water from Silver Spoon Falls makes men fall in love, hard, fast, and forever. When a wedding is arranged for Damien, a local member of the MC but also a prince from a distant land, he knows he’s going to be trouble. When Milly pours it into a pitcher, he’s not sure if it’s the water or just her. All he knows is that he just met his soul mate. Unfortunately, there are things about her that he doesn’t know and she’s already screwed up.

I really liked Damien and Milly. The characters were interesting and stood on their own. You don’t need each other to be awesome, but you definitely get better together. I also liked that the drama of the story wasn’t over the top or involved other people trying to break it up.

I always like double v card romances because of that! There’s also a lot of steam in this story, which Loni Ree always writes amazingly well. The ending was the icing on the cake of an already fantastic story. I loved everything about it and highly recommend it and highly recommend this entire series as well.

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Another bites the dust at the Silver Spoon MC! Damien “Angel” finds out that his brother the king has arranged a marriage for him and is frustrated. He can’t imagine achieving this and that’s before he meets his soulmate. Now that he has met her, there is no way for him to marry a stranger! Apparently the waters of Silver Spoon Falls even work through denim! He loved Damian and Milly. His story was adorable and even though I’m sad that the MC stories are ending, I’m so excited to see the last brother!

The Damien & Milly book was just what I needed in a story right now and I was so in love with its characters! Prince aka Damien must have been drinking the Silver Spoon water because the love bug hit him hard. He was absolutely beautiful and very alpha, which made the perfect combination. Milly got the prince from her and her readers will enjoy a fluffy romance with the perfect amount of smut!

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