Download The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel [PDF] By Elena Armas

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The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel book pdf download for free or read online, also The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel pdf was written by Elena Armas.

Elena is a Spanish writer, a self-confessed hopeless romantic and a proud book collector. And she is now also the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestseller, The Spanish Love Deception.

After years of devouring HEA and endlessly talking, well, yelling, about HEA, she finally dared and decided to create her own.

BookThe Spanish Love Deception: A Novel
AuthorElena Armas
Size2.4 MB
CategoryFiction Romance Novel

The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel Book PDF download for free

The Spanish Love Deception A Novel Book PDF download for free

Catalina Martín desperately need a date for her sister’s wedding. Especially since her little white lie about her American boyfriend has gotten out of her hands. Now everyone she knows, including her ex and her fiancé, will be there eager to meet him.

She has only four weeks to find someone willing to cross the Atlantic and help her deceive her. New York to Spain is not a short flight and her noisy family will not be easy to fool.

Enter Aaron Blackford, her tall, handsome and condescending colleague of hers, who surprisingly offers to intervene. She would rather refuse; there has never been a crazier, more bloodthirsty, and more insufferable man.

But Catalina is desperate and as the wedding approaches, Aaron seems to be her best option. And she’s starting to realize that maybe he’s not as terrible in the real world as he is in the office.

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The Spanish Love Deception: A Novel Book Pdf Download

Elena Armas certainly brought out the big guns with this impressive debut that features a delightful mix of the best romantic tropes ever: lovers’ enemies, fake dates, and a bit of romance in between. the office; topped off with a hefty serving of simmering and loud banter! Did I mention fake dating? This book is a complete meal and I just want more!

The Spanish love story follows Catalia “Lina” Martin: single and unmarried to her sister’s upcoming wedding, where her ex-boyfriend is her boyfriend’s best man. She shouldn’t care about her singleness and neither should other people, but she left Spain for a reason and won’t be reunited with her Hispanic family and will be the target of all the pathetic stares, so she tells them she has an American Boyfriend who ends up like his annoying colleague Aaron Blackford.

I knew I was going to be hooked by the blurb alone, but The Spanish Love Deception opens with an iconic opening line that immediately grabs you. All I knew was that I couldn’t put this book down. Everything about this book made me laugh; The dialogue is superb and fabulously hilarious. I really can’t put into words how much fun I had reading this book.

You could tell that the chemistry between Lina and Aaron was going to be explosive from the start, and them pretending to date added a lot of fuel to the fire. However, what frustrated me a bit was how slow this book burns. (GASPS) It’s not all fun and games, though (spoiler alert: watch out for the wedding glass). This romantic comedy explores many vulnerabilities with surprising sensitivity, particularly from Lina’s point of view and the deeper reason behind her decision to leave Spain for the United States. A brilliant (and successful) attempt at Arms, I might add.

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Another thing that sets this book apart from other romance novels I’ve read is the integration of Spanish into the dialogue, especially in parts involving Lina’s family. As a Filipino, I’m pretty familiar with some Spanish words and phrases, but I still had to use the translate option on the Kindle a few times, but it’s really not a problem at all. It’s an added uniqueness to this book and I even enjoyed saying the sentences!

All in all, The Spanish Love Deception is incredibly impressive and a must-watch, especially for those times when you just need to feel good and have a good time. It has everything I want in a romance novel with its unique Hispanic twist, and I just need more. Here’s to reading more of Elena Armas’ work in the future!

The deception of Spanish love is a breath of fresh air. It’s fun, entertaining, and definitely has The Wedding Date vibes. I loved the book from start to end.

Catalina is a strong and independent woman. After learning that her ex is engaged, she decides that she needs a date for her sister’s wedding, where he is her best man. Ella’s nemesis Aaron finds out about her plight and quickly volunteers to help. But why would someone who hates you wants to help you? After a long discussion with Catalina, she agrees and the two fly to Spain. Let the slow, slow burn begin.

I love the enemy to lover trope and this one was amazing. He passionately hates Aaron and won’t let him rest. Catalina fights harder than most heroines to deny her feelings and I love that about her.

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Aaron could be my new book friend. I love when characters have layers and Aaron never ceased to amaze me, whether it was his backstory or how he would save Catalina when he needed it most. He backed up his words with actions and was reliable while remaining extremely sexy.

The chemistry and sexual tension between these two nearly set my e-book on fire. The subtle foreplay between the two of them only added to the slow burn and I was in every second.

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