Download The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion [PDF] By Jennifer Cody

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The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion book pdf download for free or read online, also The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion pdf was written by Jennifer Cody.

BookThe Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion
AuthorJennifer Cody
Size405 KB

The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion Book PDF download for free

The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion Book PDF download for free

The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion is Edovard’s story after The Trouble with Trying to Save an Assassin (Book 2), in which while searching for Romily and Fox’s adopted son Bellamy, they managed to acquire another adult son, Edovard. You must have read books 1, 1.5 and 2 to understand the madness of Romily and Fox’s family.

Once again, Jennifer Cody has woven another fabulously funny and whimsical story in the Murder Sprees and Mute Decrees series. Edovard, the newest member of the family, is adorable and his family is very protective of him. He is attracted to Santanos, the Avatar of Evil, Fox and Romily’s not-so-nemesis, and the attraction is reciprocated. Two of Santanos’ “servants” with whom he is very close are also attracted to Edovard. As he read, he really hoped that everyone could somehow become part of a polyamorous relationship because he was enjoying it so much.

The Trouble With Trying To Love A Hellion Pdf Download

Edovard works for Santanos and the Evil organization is slowly taking on a less evil tone thanks to Edovard’s influence while they can still call themselves evil. I liked the way Edovard was able to twist things so that both good and evil would win, while the ratio between good and evil was balanced in all the right ways.

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Book 3 begins right at the end of the events of Book 2 “The problem of trying to save a murderer”, rather than Romily’s point of view, this is dictated by Edovard (Romily and Fox, second adopted son). Edovard is pure sunshine and happiness and he wants to convey this to everyone in his life, including the avatar of evil, Santanos, and his two bodyguards, Hassan and Gregory. Edovard sees the light in everyone and wants it to shine, even if bad things shine the light out of him, he will encourage it.

Edovard really allows both sides to look at each other to see if they can be more alike than they always thought and made up against each other. Santa shows us that he is caring and considerate of all his servants, just because he’s evil doesn’t mean he is too. As always, Hassan and Gregory are key players on the side of evil and they loved seeing more about what makes them tick and how awesome they really are.

Get ready to keep asking yourself what’s going on right now? Keep smiling and enjoy this beautiful messy Foxily family!
As with all of Jennifier Cody’s books, the humor is top-notch, as is the love they each have for one another. The Foxily family continues to grow and I can’t wait to see how much it improves with each addition.

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