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The Twin book pdf download for free or read online, also The Twin pdf was written by Natasha Preston.

Natasha Preston is a New York Times bestselling author of The Cellar. Originally from the UK, she discovered her love for writing while telling a story online and hasn’t looked back. He enjoys writing romance novels, suspense novels, YA novels, and the occasional serial killer.

BookThe Twin
AuthorNatasha Preston
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The Twin Book PDF download for free

The Twin Book PDF download for free

Ivy and Iris haven’t lived together for years: when their mother and father divorced, each parent got custody of a twin. But after a tragic accident that kills their mother, the devastated sisters are reunited and Iris moves in with Ivy and her father.

Iris is particularly hard hit by the death of her mother. She hardly speaks and spends hours alone in her room. Ivy can’t bear to see Iris so sad. He promised Iris that now he can share her life. After all, they are sisters. Twins.

It’s a promise Iris takes seriously. And soon Ivy’s friends, her teachers and even her boyfriend fall under the spell of Iris. Soon, Ivy begins to believe that something is wrong with her twin. It’s almost as if Iris was looking for her. Ivy tells herself she’s paranoid. It’s not like he’s in any danger from his twin. . . .

The Twin is an unbeatable read that will keep you hooked to the end.

The Twin Book Pdf Download

Although marketed as a “twisted psychological thriller,” The Twin is actually more of a mystery novel. Told from the first-person perspective of 16-year-old Ivy, we only know what she knows. The hook of the novel is simple and effective. Ivy’s well-structured life as a model student and athlete is turned upside down when her mother dies in a freak accident and her identical twin sister, Iris, moves in with Ivy and her father. (The twins had lived apart since childhood and after the divorce chose to live with another parent.)

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Shortly after Iris moves in, Ivy notices a disturbing pattern of behavior: no apparent grief over the death of her mother, a desire to infiltrate Ivy’s circle of friends, and efforts to undermine Ivy’s confidence and convince her friends, and even her father, that Ivy is mentally challenged disturbed by the death of her mother. Although the plot unfolds slowly in the ordinary setting of a suburban high school and the emotions are more psychological than physical, the author builds up a lot of slow suspense. Ivy is a likable character, and as her evil twin’s machinations grow bolder, you can’t help but urge her to make things right.

Without giving too much away about the extremely abrupt plot resolution, my biggest disappointment is the author’s tendency to strain credibility. It took all my strength to suppress disbelief (and more) to accept that a sixteen year old girl is capable of discrediting such a respected person and even betraying her doting father and boyfriend. (It’s harder to “fool all the people all the time” than The Twin would like you to believe.) I also found Iris’ motives unconvincing. Although you’ll want a quick read of this well-written, suspenseful novel, there’s a good chance you won’t be entirely satisfied.

I found Iris suspicious from the start, but I never expected what she did. Why did Iris feel the need to kill her mother? Why did Iris kill Kat? What happened that he started hating Kat so much? Why does he hate Ivy so much? Why is the father turning completely against Ivy and not believing her anymore? Why is Iris so much of an influence on him? I hate that.

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You have a great father daughter relationship and the other one comes out and suddenly the daughter that was always with you, that you always trusted and believed in suddenly isn’t trustworthy anymore? I should have defended her more, fought for her more. It’s really sad… The same goes for Ivy’s so-called best friends who have known her for many years, who have trusted each other all these years, and suddenly Iris is being chosen over Ivy.

The story reveals too much, I didn’t like the ending at all. Good must always win in the end. This ending was so unsatisfying that I regret ever reading the book. Or is a second book in the works? Please tell me this is so, I need Ivy and Ty to survive all of this.

Overall it was a very well written book but I didn’t like at all how everyone left Ivy like a hot potato in front of her sister they don’t even know. And the ending wasn’t good. I need Ivy to get through this, I need her to win, to prove that the rotten egg is Iris. I thought Ivy would have been smart enough to record Iris’ confession and I was so disappointed that she hadn’t thought of it…

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