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The Worst Best Man book pdf download for free or read online, also The Worst Best Man pdf was written by Mia Sosa.

BookThe Worst Best Man
AuthorMia Sosa
Size2 MB

The Worst Best Man Book PDF download for free

The Worst Best Man Book PDF download for free

Mia Sosa brings #ownvoices lovers a risqué and steamy hate novel – perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory, Helen Hoang and Sally Thorne!

A wedding planner left at the altar? Yes, the irony is not lost on Carolina Santos either. But despite that embarrassing bump in his past, Lina offered him a life-changing opportunity. There’s just one problem… she has to work with the best (or worst) man of her own failed marriage.

Marketing expert Max Hartley is determined to make a name for himself with a coveted hotel client looking to grow his brand. Then he finds out he’s going to be working with his brother’s smart, gorgeous, and totally forbidden ex-fiancée. And she hates it.

The Worst Best Man Pdf Download

If they can pull off their performance without killing each other, they’ll both pull through. Except that Max is public enemy number one since he encouraged his brother to dump his girlfriend and Lina is ready to start her own business.

Lina and Max soon discover that hostility isn’t the only emotion sparking between them. Still, this unhappy couple can never be more than temporary playmates because Lina is uninterested in falling in love and Max refuses to play second fiddle to his brother ever again…

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Godfather Worst is My First Book by Mia Sosa and a hilarious lover-love romance about wedding planner Lina and her ex-fiancé Max’s brother opening up to a chance at love.

On her wedding day to Andrew, Max, her fiancé’s brother and best man, tells Lina that Andrew will not be attending and that Max played a role in the decision. Three years later, at a wedding he was planning, he meets Rebecca, the CEO of a hotel group that wants to hire a full-time wedding planner. Lina takes the opportunity and comes to the interview until she meets the marketing company representatives, Andrew and Max. Having to work closely with one of them to introduce Rebecca, she decides Max is the better choice.

It also gives her a chance to get back at him for his part in their botched wedding, and so begins a hilarious back-and-forth of pranks and a man. All the while, an underlying attraction builds between them, but neither can imagine the other feeling the same way due to the almost forbidden nature of their chemistry. Until they suddenly find themselves in a situation where they have to act as a couple and real feelings are allowed. Will they make it as a couple and impress Rebecca, or are they doomed from the start thanks to their hidden insecurities?

The Worst Best Man was great, such a beautiful, easy-to-read rom-com with relatable characters and lots of steam. Both Max and Lina had many feelings hidden beneath their calm and collected exteriors for different reasons. Max was in constant competition with Andrew and always felt like he was second best, not realizing that his strengths differ from his brother’s and that’s not a bad thing.

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I really felt for him and understood his feelings, although I liked that he never went after Lina to get back at Andrew, it was just because of his own feelings for her. He was sweet, charming and funny, endearing qualities and I really liked his character, he helped push Lina out of her comfort zone and realize who she really wanted to be with. Lina has been hard on the outside and hid her feelings to avoid being labeled as overly dramatic or emotional like many Black or Lantinx women are, especially in the workplace, which was revealing.

She was so strong, smart and determined that she knew what she wanted. I admired his perspective at the end, he let Max come to his senses on his own, but he also realized himself. She was so proud of her heritage and family, all she wanted to do was make them proud, which she did every day by just being herself.

Lina’s family and other supporting characters like Max’s best friend Dean really helped make the story more real and I’m curious if any of them get their own book, I’d love to read more from that group. Mia’s writing was excellent, really engaging and kept me interested.

Overall, The Worst Best Man was a fun, entertaining, and hilarious read that I devoured in a day. I highly recommend The Worst Best Man book, it has everything a romantic comedy needs and it certainly won’t be Mia’s last.

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