Download Close To The Bone [PDF] By Kendra Elliot

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Close To The Bone book pdf download for free or read online, also Close To The Bone pdf was written by Kendra Elliot.

BookClose To The Bone
AuthorKendra Elliot
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Close To The Bone Book PDF download for free

Close To The Bone Book PDF download for free

FBI Special Agent Cate Wilde is back home on a remote island in the Pacific Northwest when she gets the call: the skeletal remains of a teenager have been found on a nearby island.

Along with Tessa Black, a childhood friend-turned-local MP, Cate braves the grim weather and grim clues to understand death. Complications mount as Cate becomes distracted by the case’s coroner and lingering memories that take her back twenty years. The remains suggest uncanny resemblances between this victim and Cate and Tessa’s friend Samantha, who disappeared when she was fourteen.

Cate deals with silent locals, buried city secrets and even her own heart. As the Fall progresses, can he break through the fog and find justice for the missing and dead?

Close To The Bone Pdf Download

I felt this was a good start to the Widow’s Island Novella series by Kendra Elliott and Melinda Leigh. I really enjoyed this novel but I’m glad I waited until now to start reading this series as I can at least read the first 8 parts of the series in one go instead of having to wait which as next happens. She’s on sick leave after being screwed, and her friend and partner, FBI agent Stephen, is murdered. He gets a call that the skeletal remains of a teenager have been found on Ruby Island and because the ferry from the mainland is broken he has to leave when he shouldn’t be working.

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When he arrives at the crime scene, he finds that the sheriff’s deputy is none other than his childhood friend Tessa Black. They are both reminded that the remains could be of their missing best friend Samantha Bishop, who disappeared without a trace 15 years earlier, or it could also be of Becca Conan, who died just 2 years earlier at the age of 14 disappeared.

Since Cate hasn’t been to Widow’s Island for a while, she is introduced to the new doctor, Dr. Henry Powers, who is also a coroner. It’s a bit out of place as he had no idea it was the coroner until he was told about the bones’ discovery. Both Cate and Henry are immediately intrigued by each other. Becca lived with her parents on Ruby Island. His father Rex is one of the top ten crime writers in the world. His wife returned to New York after Becca went missing and Rex still lives in the mansion they built.

His nephew Dustin, who is a caretaker, also lives there. You must read this novel to find out whose remains were on the island, what happened to them and why. I’m really looking forward to reading the next part and finding out if things are heating up between Henry and Cate and what crime Cate and Tessa are investigating next. I would definitely recommend Close To The Bone novel, the series and both authors to everyone.

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