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Thrust And Throttle book pdf download for free or read online, also Thrust And Throttle pdf was written by Emma Slate.

BookThrust And Throttle
AuthorEmma Slate
Size1.9 MB

Thrust And Throttle Book PDF download for free

Thrust And Throttle Book PDF download for free

Thrust and Throttle was awesome. Duke and Willa are the perfect friend-to-lover couple I’ve known in a long time! Their chemistry and interactions are perfect. The hot scenes? Kiss from the chef Hot!!! The addition of the Blue Angels Brothers, particularly Duke and Willa’s best friend Savage and Willa’s sister Waverly, allowed for a lot of expanded dialogue and conspiracies. Their stories, both individual and collective, set the stage for where they are now.

All I can say is that these men love their old ladies and would do anything for them and they are family in their own right. I love seeing how this family expands on each book. If you read and loved the previous three Blue Angels MC books, you will love this sequel! Now I have to wait for Venom and Vengeance!!

Thrust And Throttle Pdf Download

his is the story of Willa and Dukes. There’s laughter, happiness, joy, newborns, weddings, returning faces, it has it all. It also has some tight spots but nothing too dark.
Willa has her younger sister, Waverly, who lives with her because her mother left her. Waverly is an amazing little sister. She’s really smart and the banter between them is very funny.

You know, reading these books makes me realize…isn’t that what most people want…someone to love, care for, and protect them? Not all of us have that. I think that’s why I love these books. For a few hours I can be part of a loving “family”…families don’t have to be relatives, they can be different people from all walks of life.
I know my ramblings don’t make much sense. I just wanted to say that I loved this!!!!

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