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Tick Tock book pdf download for free or read online, also Tick Tock pdf was written by Fern Michaels.

BookTick Tock
AuthorFern Michaels
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Tick Tock Book PDF download for free

Tick Tock Book PDF download for free

The women of the sisterhood have developed a motto: “Whatever it takes”. No matter how dangerous an opponent might be or how overwhelming the odds seem against them, the group’s dedication to each other and to their cause has helped them achieve the seemingly impossible.

But success has its price. In the course of their official careers and top-secret missions, the Brotherhood and their men have made enemies. Myra has been feeling restless lately and her fears are justified when her adopted daughter Nikki is seriously injured. With Nikki in a coma and Nikki’s partner Jack convinced that the organization’s online security has been breached, the women of the sorority are more vulnerable than ever.

Tick Tock Pdf Download

Standing in his way is a vicious criminal with scores to settle and a network of accomplices willing to do his will, for a price. He has his sights set on revenge, and attacking Nikki is just the beginning. Though desperate for their daughter, Myra and her lover Charles know it is time to rally the others and figure out how to take the fight to the enemy’s doorstep. Because nobody takes aim at one of your own and gets away with it. . .

I found this book a bit difficult to understand and I’m quite a fan of most sorority shows. I found the beginning a bit confusing. With all the villains and history going back and forth between them and the victim.

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Maggie made me smile with her always hungry and infinitely empty stomach. And I liked Libby, who was introduced to the story from the sorority side. Maybe she will be in some future stories.
It took me a while for the story to get more interesting to me, but I liked it more once it started. While I liked this story, it wasn’t one of my favorites. Although I have to give the author points for approaching this story from a different angle than usual.

The ending was good in the sense of the kind of justice the girls in The Sisterhood deliver. I liked that they imposed penalties after interrogating the men and the unsuspecting Leroy didn’t get the worst penalties. They looked at people case by case. I have to say that the man who deserved the harshest punishment got it. The last one might make you wince a bit.

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