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Timber book pdf download for free or read online, also Timber pdf was written by Tate James.

Tate James is one of USA Today’s bestselling authors of contemporary romance and romance suspense, with occasional forays into fantasy, paranormal romance, and urban fantasy.

AuthorTate James
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Timber Book PDF download for free

Timber Book PDF download for free

Timber is FOURTH in a new series from Shadow Grove. Several characters are moving into the Madison Kate series, but you don’t have to read the MK story first. HADES is a new adult contemporary reverse harem series, meaning the protagonist has multiple love interests and never has to choose to find her HEA.

Timber Book Pdf Download

This whole series has been such a crazy, dark, emotional ride, but what an incredible masterpiece of history. I’ve read tons of redemption stories where FMC went through horrible things only to get stronger and end up taking revenge on their tormentors, but none were as amazing or terrifying as this one.

Hades is dark like no other FMC ice cream ever read, but that’s only because what happened is worse than he can imagine. The horrors she’s been through are incredibly torturous and devious, but the way she bounces back and keeps rising stronger than ever is what makes her such an incredible hero. He has moments of vulnerability and pain, but he keeps raising his chin, holstering his knives and guns, and heading out once more to fight his nemesis. What an impressive tour.

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And his boys, oh my god, these three alpha males are absolute perfection. Of course, Cass will always be my favorite with her sexy moodiness and solid dedication, but Lucas, the young stud who grows so much in this story, and quintessential best friend Zed have also found a special place in my heart. . The dynamic of their relationship is really amazing and so exciting. The vapor levels in these books are out of this world, especially this last one… Woo-hoo!! But it’s all inventive and it never gets old or too repetitive, which is quite an achievement because there’s an impressive amount of it throughout the books without losing the story.

All in all, I’m completely hooked and even more of a fan of Tate than before. I liked the Madison Kate series, but this is a whole new level of awesomeness. All I know is that I will come back and read it over and over again because it’s so good. And I can’t wait to see what he comes up with in the new Guild series.

It’s important to note that there is a content warning/trigger warning at the beginning of the book, before Chapter 1. There are dark themes/situations in this book that some people might find disturbing, and the content doesn’t suit dark. There are people who, despite these warnings, have found the content dark and disturbing, which has detracted from their enjoyment of the book. Having said that, I personally feel that there is enough development/introduction in the last 3 books that most of the events depicted are not the least bit surprising and that Tate prepared us for this level of obscurity.

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Now let’s get to the book. Hades has been cornered and will do anything to protect those she loves and those who depend on her. Unfortunately, he’s not always successful at that and we lose some beloved supporting/supporting characters. Betrayal is everywhere, a knife in the back lurks in every dark corner, and one has to wonder how Hades will get out of it.

As usual, Tate wraps up his series with a satisfying ending, but there are still dangling unanswered threads. Is that frustrating for a reader? In a way, yes, but as Tate herself admits, life doesn’t always tie things together with a neat bow. Many questions remain unanswered, and we just have to deal with them as best we can and move on. I felt that the main threads were covered and that the Hades story arc was completed with a very satisfying ending.

I read this book in one sitting as I couldn’t bear to put it down, even to sleep. There was content that many would be uncomfortable with, but I think Tate was a master at handling all of that. If you want a beautiful, happy and brilliant love story, this book is not for you. But if you enjoy reading about a strong MC living through her worst nightmare, she struggles to get to the other side but makes it despite slipping and falling multiple times. Read this book. You will not be disappointed.

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