Download Tinker’s Trial [PDF] By Cassie Cole

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Tinker’s Trial book pdf download for free or read online, also Tinker’s Trial pdf was written by Cassie Cole.

BookTinker’s Trial
AuthorCassie Cole
Size1.7 MB

Tinker’s Trial Book PDF download for free

Tinker's Trial Book PDF download for free

A young pyromancer teams up with 5 sexy soldiers in this action-packed paranormal reverse harem romance.

Dragon Quintelaides must not be separated, even for a few days.

But that is exactly what the Archon has planned for Alyssa Quintelaide. Arthur is summoned back to the capital to teach others his new self-healing rune-tracking ability, while Jaxon, Ryon, and Harry travel west to hunt down the scattered remnants of a Silithik hive.

Meanwhile, Alyssa and Maze are sent south to work on a secret project for the Tinker Guild: a superweapon that could end the war against the silithics in the blink of an eye. A superweapon that only Alyssa really can control.

But after a weapons test goes wrong, Alyssa is left with an inhibition that affects her ability to trace runes. Which is a terrible time, as she and Maze must visit the griffon capital of Oorani to learn a secret rune-tracking spell that will make the Tinker superweapon unstoppable. And the banished Runemaster who knows the spell? He won’t tell Alyssa for nothing.

Will Alyssa be able to get her abilities back in time? Or will she and her companions fail the final superweapon test?

TINKER’S TRIAL book is the 3 book in the Paranormal Reverse Harem Romance series, Pyromancer’s Path. It features exciting bow-and-sword action, a unique magic system, and all the slow-burn romance you’d expect from a reverse harem. I’VE GUARANTEED!

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Tinker’s Trial Book Pdf Download

A slow burn, forced closeness, fantasy romance.

NOTE: To understand and enjoy this book, you must read the previous two books in the series.

A continuation of the Pyromancer’s Path series, Book 3. In this book, the Dragon Quintelaide splits up, with three fighting, one sent to the capital, and two sent on a secret mission. Sharing a Quintelaida is unheard of. Alyssa the pyromancer and Maze the tinker are kidnapped by a griffin to a secret location to help the Tinkers Guild with a new top-secret invention. This new invention aims to turn the tide of the war against the Silithik insects.

What is this invention? What problem can Alyssa help them solve? What happens to Alyssa when she gets tested? Why are Alyssa and Maze sent to the gryphon city of Oorani? What do you discover? What happens when they try the next test with the new information they received? Why does the Archon keep sending these Quintelaides on supposed suicide missions? What secret won’t Alyssa and Maze share with Quarterback Tyronix? A story of union between two people guided by respect, love and encouragement.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I really love how the author pays attention to each relationship within this villain and lets them develop in their own time. He creates an interesting story involving all of these characters, but the focus of each book is Alyssa and one of her husbands.

Tinker’s Trial focuses on Maze and Alyssa and their adventure away from their companions. A new part of the world opens up in this book and I was delighted to discover it together with these characters. There are some shocking moments, but also love and camaraderie and a bit of emotional healing for Alyssa and Maze. I love the combination of world creation, character creation and a very interesting story full of action and surprises. I loved this series from the first book, but my love for these characters grows with each book that is published. I’m so excited to see what happens next!

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Cassie does it again with the third book! The group is united for the blink of an eye before they are sent on a mission. Alyssa goes to Tinker with Maze. While the others are sent to other places. Arthur is eventually sent back to the capital to teach the ice mages. I love how each book focuses on Alyssa and one of her dragons. Not as action-packed as the first books, but still great. Will Archenon succeed in destroying the Dragonquint? Bring book 4 like yesterday.

This story begins right after the other as Quint slowly travels back to the capital. Orders come in to split the team into groups with a secret plan for Maze and Alyssa. Maze’s joy turns to anguish as she learns more about her mission. We learn more about Maze since this is her book in the series, but everything always relates to Alyssa. I loved the individual adventure and growth the team is experiencing, but they need to get Arthur back and they need to start guarding against ALL of their enemies.

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