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To Be A Mother book pdf download for free or read online, also To Be A Mother pdf was written by Emma Robinson.

BookTo Be A Mother
AuthorEmma Robinson
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To Be A Mother Book PDF download for free

To Be A Mother Book PDF download for free

What if your only chance to become a mother was to give birth to your first wife’s child?

All he ever wanted is to be a mother. And ever since I married David, it’s gone from a dream of mine to a dream of ours. And I want it for him too: it’s the happy ending he deserves after the tragic loss of his first wife, Katherine.

We tried and waited. But today I just found out that it is impossible. That I can’t be a mother. My heart breaks into a thousand pieces, I ask the doctor to tell me there is another way.

But it is David who speaks. He told me that shortly before her death, Katherine had undergone fertility treatment. Now her balls legally belong to David. For us.

It may be my only chance to be the mom I always wanted to be… But can I really have the baby of his first wife?

With fast-paced plot twists and heart-wrenching, emotional family drama, this powerfully uplifting story is sure to bring readers to tears.

To Be A Mother Book Pdf Download

My first book by the author, Emma Robinson: TO BE A MOTHER is a beautifully written, heartbreaking, and emotional family saga about motherhood, marriage, love, loss, secrets, and second chances.

Hannah is married to David and they want children; but she couldn’t get pregnant. Hannah loves her biological son and has dreamed of him all her life.

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However, Hannah dreams all the time of Katherine, David’s first wife who has died, and she feels that she must always do her justice.

As a last resort, David informs Hannah that his wife, Katherine, also had fertility problems and had undergone fertility treatment prior to Katherine’s death. Now her eggs legally belong to David and Hannah.

Four embryos are still stored. Your eggs and sperm are ready for implantation. It wasn’t what Hannah wanted.

Hannah had spent the last two years worrying about living up to David’s first wife, and now she was thinking about giving birth?

The Dilemma: Will Hannah agree to this? She may be her only chance to become a mother to her, but will she be able to carry Katherine (her first wife’s baby) to term? What else was David hiding? What happens if the embryos do not take?

We hear about Hannah’s point of view and Katherine’s.

Perhaps Saint Catherine was not the perfect wife after all. She had lied about the incidents every two weeks before the accident, or was there more to it? Or was she completely uninterested? Nothing is what it seems>

So many secrets. Families can be messy. A happy ending!

This is a moving story that also makes you wonder what you would do if you had to choose. I really felt for Hannah and could feel her pain at not being able to conceive, living in Kathryn’s shadow and also the burden of deciding whether to use Kathryn’s embryos, all on her shoulders.

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The narrative is told primarily through Hannah’s voice, but is interspersed with chapters devoted to Kathryn’s story in the weeks leading up to her death, where she gets a good insight into her character and their relationship. her with David.

Beautifully written, Robinson really captures the emotion of the story and brings it to life in a vivid way. This is only the second book I’ve read of hers and I love it! I love her storytelling and can’t wait to read more.

The burning question is how much Hannah wants to be a mother. Hannah feels that she can’t keep up with David’s late first wife, Katherine, and she gets some very bad news: her long-awaited baby won’t come from any of her eggs.

But what about the fertilized embryos of her husband’s dead wife?
She knew that she had to read this book. These predicaments are fascinating. Robinson has plenty of surprises in store for readers, so strap him in for a bumpy ride.
What would you do?

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