Download Luna’s Daddy [PDF] By Paige Michaels

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Luna’s Daddy book pdf download for free or read online, also Luna’s Daddy pdf was written by Paige Michaels.

BookLuna’s Daddy
AuthorPaige Michaels
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Luna’s Daddy Book PDF download for free

Luna's Daddy Book PDF download for free

Littleworld is a fantastic vacation spot on an island reserved exclusively for age games. Adult visitors can afford to regress without fear of judgment. In fact, it is mandatory and addictive. Some guests are not ready to leave the island…

Luna has been living with Blaze as Little for three years. She loves it. It is comfortable. But she is a withdrawn girl who doesn’t get her age out of her house. Not even to visit Blazes Club.

Blaze is perfectly fine with her fix. He loves Luna and would do anything for her. The fact that she prefers to keep the little page private from her is not a deal breaker.

There is only one problem. Blaze hasn’t really seen his sister Kylie or also his best friend Michael in years. They live on the island. He’s dying to visit her, but there’s no way he’s leaving without Luna.

Luna must dig deep and be brave if she wants to face her fears. As if that wasn’t enough, Luna has a new problem. Blaze seems to be thriving with the change. What if he never wants to go back to the way he was before?

The books in this series contain strong elements of medicine and age play. If you find this genre offensive, this may not be the book or series for you.

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Luna’s Daddy Book Pdf Download

I love seeing a little bit of trust in her dad enough to try something new and go into that deeper regression, even when he’s scared. I loved that this dad cares enough about them to put extra security measures in place so they can communicate privately when it gets too much. Happy reading.

Luna lives with her husband/her dad Blaze. She is at her house a bit, but she never plays in public. We met her dad’s sister and her best friend at Kylie’s Daddy. She hasn’t seen them in years because they don’t leave Regression Island. Blaze plans a week-long vacation to Regression Island and tells Luna that they are leaving. The problem is that Luna is afraid to play anywhere other than her house. Luna is ready to try and with that she begins her regression for the next 10 days.

I enjoyed this story. Blaze works to make sure things go as smoothly as possible for Luna. His attention to her needs makes Luna feel more comfortable, although she is still afraid. The ending was a surprise to me.

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