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Unpregnant book pdf download for free or read online, also Unpregnant pdf was written by Jenni Hendriks And Ted Caplan.

Jenni Hendriks’ mother often complained that she was “a real smart**s”, so she decided to make a career out of it. She moved to Hollywood and switched from getting coffee to writing the television series How I Met Your Mother. She is also a cartoonist whose feminist-inspired work has been published in Ms. magazine. A graduate of film school, she knows how to focus and manipulate a wire and can tell you what a best man does.

Ted Caplan has worked in the film industry for over twenty years as a writer, sound designer and music editor. He has helped create the soundtracks for many high profile projects including The Maze Runner, Logan, both Deadpool films and The Hate U Give. He is also the screenwriter of Love Sonia, a feature film about the international sex trade from the producers of Life of Pi and Slumdog Millionaire.

AuthorJenni Hendriks And Ted Caplan
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Unpregnant Book PDF download for free

Unpregnant Book PDF download for free

Seventeen-years-old Veronica Clarke have never thought that she would fail an exam until she finds herself looking at a piece of plastic with two solid pink lines on it. With a college future now fading before her eyes, Veronica contemplates a decision she never thought possible: an abortion.

There’s only one catch: the nearest place to get one is over nine hundred miles away. With conservative parents, a subpar boyfriend, and no car, Veronica turns to the one person who won’t judge her: Bailey Butler, a legendary Jefferson High misfit and Veronica’s former best friend.

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What can go wrong? Not much other than three days of stolen cars, crazed exes, aliens, naps and the betrayal of a broken friendship that can’t be fixed. Under the stars of the Southwest, Veronica and Bailey discover that sometimes the most important decision is who your friends are.

Unpregnant Book Pdf Download

Trigger warnings: sexual abuse, Shaming of abortions

Unpregnant gets a bit of an odd rating from me, as the story itself got 3/5 stars, but I gave it an extra star because this story is important: a novel about a girl who has an abortion.

Unpregnant is the story of Veronica, the seemingly “perfect” girl: perfect boyfriend, religious, excellent in school, beautiful. However, the story begins when Veronica discovers that she is pregnant and immediately knows that she wants to have an abortion. She enlists the help of her former best friend and resident outcast, Bailey, to expel the states to get her an abortion.

I had a mixed relationship with this book, loving some parts and very disappointed in others.

Let’s start with some of the aspects that I loved about this story. First, the representation. This was a story about a young woman who has an abortion even though her religion says it is a sin. Veronica disagrees with this concept, despite being raised to do so, and she trusts both her relationship with God and her decision to have an abortion. Veronica’s friend Bailey joins her on the road trip, and as her relationship grows, we also find out that Bailey is a lesbian and explore that part of her a bit throughout the book. I also loved the friendship dynamic between Veronica and Bailey and how focused she was throughout the book.

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Now for the negatives. Boy, my biggest disappointment in this book was the portrayal of Veronica and Kevin. We learn early on (I double-checked to make sure this isn’t a spoiler) that the reason Veronica is pregnant, despite being incredibly careful with condoms, is because Kevin poked a hole in the condom one night to that Veronica did not leave. colleague. This is a form of sexual assault and is never addressed as such. Also, and this might be a minor spoiler, Kevin follows Veronica and Bailey on their road trip and tries to stop Veronica from having an abortion and instead marries him and stays with him to start a family.

The way he follows her around is incredibly obsessive and abusive and I don’t think she handled herself well. I feel like there could have been a major discussion about this being a form of actual sexual abuse and instead in the story they just laughed it and never took themselves too seriously. Now, I understand that this book is meant to be comedic, which I enjoyed, but I didn’t find the way Kevin’s choices and character were explored very well.

In the end I enjoyed Unpregnant and I think the topic of abortion was well covered and I think it’s a very important story. I’m looking forward to the movie, I think the casting is fantastic so far and I think this book translates perfectly on screen!

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