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Unstable Connections book pdf download for free or read online, also Unstable Connections pdf was written by Nicky James.

BookUnstable Connections
AuthorNicky James
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Unstable Connections Book PDF download for free

Unstable Connections Book PDF download for free

Missing children are making a comeback, and the links to a cold case from thirty years ago cannot be ignored.

Between his bumpy new relationship with reformed office playboy Detective Aslan Doyle, his sister’s case going from cold to hot overnight, his father’s insistence on interfering, and his boss breathing down his neck Detective Quaid Valor nervous.

The stress of the case affects Quaid’s entire life. He doesn’t eat or sleep, and every time he and Aslan are together, he’s overcome by feelings of inadequacy that threaten to ruin the one good thing he has. Aslan’s patience seems endless until something happens that turns his life upside down as well.

Can their relationship survive the personal and professional pressures they face, or will it crumble and burn?

Between media rumors and shaky connections, Quaid and his team must work quickly to piece together a complicated case before more children fall victim to their unknown serial kidnapper. Perhaps once things are settled, Aslan and Quaid will have time to process their troubled relationship and get their feet back on their feet.

** Unstable Connections book is the 3 book in the Valor and Doyle Mystery Series. It is a series by the same couple, which should be read in order. Though each book has a self-contained mystery with no suspense, the romance is general and progressive throughout the series. **

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Unstable Connections Book Pdf Download

I knew Quaid and Aslan were going to have a rough ride after the bombshell dropped on Juniper at the end of the last book, but Nicky James blew me away with this fantastically addictive riddle. All the questions I had about what happened to Quaid’s sister thirty years ago have finally been answered in this book, and finding out the truth was as exciting as it was heartbreaking.

I felt every ounce of Quaid’s stress and strain as he searched for new leads, re-interviewed previous witnesses, and struggled to put the pieces together. If you thought you’d seen Quaid stressed and overworked before, that was nothing compared to his state of mind in this book, and the resulting drain on all of his close relationships was remarkable.

Aslan and Quaid entered the story with some hope: They reluctantly gained Quaid’s father’s approval and took small steps to build trust, but unfortunately the weight of the case exposed cracks in the foundation of their relationship. Quaid relapsed into old habits he had learned from Jack, such as not seeking support for fear of being seen as weak or clingy, and it pained me to see all the things he wasn’t saying. Aslan did his best to keep lines of communication open between them, but with his busy and stressful job, it was inevitable that things would come to a head.

It certainly didn’t help that Aslan was shocked by the revelation of an incident from his past, and I was devastated to see how harshly he reacted in a spiral. Luckily, both Quaid and Aslan were eager to work things out, and no matter what mean things they said in the heat of the moment, they always got back together, apologized, and worked to get back together. Honestly, it was really nice to see how conscientious these characters were because it meant they weren’t pushing themselves or others to an insanely high level to deliver.

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I’m really impressed by how well Nicky James developed the romantic relationship between Aslan and Quaid without diverting attention from the MP cases, and was equally intrigued by both as the story progressed. As more Juniper connections were discovered, my brain turned to theories and possibilities.

I’ve said it before, but I love the way Nicky James puts his readers inside his detectives’ headspace, including all the dead ends, false theories, and breadcrumbs that lack clarity to keep everyone informed . I fell for all the clever disinformation traps he laid and didn’t find out who the real culprit was until Quaid finally put the pieces together himself, and even then the truth was so unexpected I found it hard to believe.

Juniper’s kidnapping was part of a much more twisted story, and my heart ached for all the innocent people involved. I’m glad Quaid and his father finally found closure, but that didn’t take away from the emotional impact of the ending. More than ever, Aslan and Quaid will need each other’s support to move forward and that’s one of the reasons why it made me so happy to see them take some steps forward in their relationship and reaffirm their commitment.

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