Download Watt And Bothered [PDF] By Fiona Davenport

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Watt And Bothered book pdf download for free or read online, also Watt And Bothered pdf was written by Fiona Davenport.

BookWatt And Bothered
AuthorFiona Davenport
Size151 KB

Watt And Bothered Book PDF download for free

Watt And Bothered Book PDF download for free

It was hard for Silas Adler that his beloved hometown became monstrous overnight. It was even harder to discover that he suddenly had the power to channel electricity… at the expense of the ability to touch anyone.

Two decades later, he was stunned when Juniper Finch tripped over his arms without injuring himself. It was lucky because Silas knew at first glance that Juniper was his.

Watt And Bothered Book Pdf Download

Part of the Monster Between the Sheets series, this book focuses on Silas and Juniper. 2 decades before the start of the story, Silas was part of a Halloween incident that made him unable to touch people without electrocuting them. When he first sets his sights on Juniper, he feels alive for the first time since the incident.

Juniper may not have grown up in her town or been involved in the incident, but she was a perfect match for Silas because she drew energy from things she touched while Silas gave energy. Because of this, she was immune to his shocking touch. They were just what each other needed and they gave each other the life they longed for. This was an excellent story and an excellent addition to the series!

This was an amazing book. I loved Juniper and Silas together with their intense and touching connection and chemistry. These two are made for each other. Just when Salis thought she would move on with her life without human contact, Juniper gets lost in her forest and while she’s lost, Juniper is able to find her other half. I really enjoyed this book and loved how strong Juniper became with Silas by her side. Lots of steam and a bit of drama to accompany a really sweet HEA.

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I’ve been waiting for this series for a while. Many of the authors featured in it are my favorites. The first book is a wonderful start. It sets the stage for the rest of the books by explaining what happened to the people of Screaming Woods. I love Silas and Juniper. They really are made for each other. My only complaint is that Silas really should have removed Juniper’s parents.⚡⚡

Although the beginning was a bit cheesy, I enjoyed this book. It is well written and the characters are well developed and engaging and a simple flow has been added to the story to make it a good book.

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