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The Perfect Wrong book pdf download for free or read online, also The Perfect Wrong pdf was written by Nicole Snow.

BookThe Perfect Wrong
AuthorNicole Snow
Size1.8 MB

The Perfect Wrong Book PDF download for free

The Perfect Wrong Book PDF download for free

Everything that could go wrong went wrong.
The evil smile on my best friend’s face should have screamed a bad idea. But I took your “easy” bet:
Find a man before summer ends. Give up my V card. Enjoy life.
I thought I was entitled to the same sweet ritual all girls deserve, until a force of nature showed up.

His name is Chris Triton.
tattooed god. Moody former SEAL. zero filter. Born to drive me crazy
We spoke barely ten minutes before he kissed my soul.
Too fast. Very intensive. Tilt too well.

Then I found out that we would be sharing the same roof the next day.
Dad, who is marrying his mother, smashed our little chemistry experiment right away.
You know, the normal reaction. But Chris doesn’t do it normally.
Or predictable.
Or healthy.

Still, I’m sure he’s playing a twisted game if he’s constantly fooling around with the unthinkable.
I guess it won’t burn my heart until the Vegas trip, another hilariously bad idea.
It’s just us and tension thick enough for you to chew.
Just an unexpected hero to come to my rescue.
Just a damn bed.
What the hell do you do when totally wrong feels undeniably right?

A long-running forbidden romance of sizzling, jaw-dropping sass and all those butterflies stomping on the heart that Happily Ever After is made of. Watch as a grumpy protector fights the bad luck in the known universe to throw his princess over his shoulder and take her home forever.

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The Perfect Wrong Book Pdf Download

“The Perfect Wrong” combines a dirty-talking lead, a virgin heroine who doesn’t want to be, and a forbidden love situation that drives them both nuts. Although the story is self-contained, if you are familiar with the author, you will likely recognize some of the minor characters from some of his other books.

In the summer leading up to her senior year of college, Delia accepts a challenge and a bet from her best friend; loses her V card to a man of Delia’s choice, or her friend chooses her and Delia must move on. The universe leaves Chris, the sexiest guy it’s ever seen, on his way to the beach, and Delia almost wins the bet that night.

They have to write a rain check, but the next day, before they can bring him home, they discover they share a house… their father’s obnoxious new wife is Chris’ mother. There’s a lot going on in this story and I don’t want to spoil it by giving too much away. I’m telling you, there’s evil cartel members, a searing trip to Vegas, sneaky behavior, a secret mission, and more.

Delia’s father and Chris’ mother are great characters, although sometimes you want to shake and strangle them. The chemistry between Delia and Chris may make you blush and wonder if you’re really reading what you just read! There are also some incredibly intense scenes where Chris is on a mission abroad. I was amazed at the variety of emotions woven into the story from beginning to end. I found the ending well done and very satisfying!

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Delia is the good girl waiting for the perfect moment or maybe the right one. Tonight is definitely on the prowl. She made a pact with her friend to let go and find a man, any man would do as long as he could rock her world. Delia would rather have someone take the challenge, but she just wants it to be over. She’s sick of the stigma that comes with it, and tonight is as good a night as any.

Delia is home from college to meet her new stepbrother. His father recently remarried and finally the day came to meet the new extended family. Delia is enjoying the private beach party when grumpy, tattooed ex-Navy SEAL Chris washes ashore, basically crashing the party. Did I mention it’s also raw and sexy like h£11? He also seems very interested in Delia. Delia has big plans for tonight and they have absolutely nothing to do with family, at least she thinks they do.


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