Download Wear Something Red Anthology [PDF] By Suzanne Wright

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Wear Something Red Anthology book pdf download for free or read online, also Wear Something Red Anthology pdf was written by Suzanne Wright.

BookWear Something Red Anthology
AuthorSuzanne Wright
Size733 KB

Wear Something Red Anthology Book PDF download for free

Wear Something Red Anthology Book PDF download for free

Welcome to the Vault, an exclusive 24-hour club frequented by the rich and famous, with something for everyone. If you do venture into the infamous basement, there is one very important rule to remember: in the event that you are officially claimed by a member of the club, you had better dress in something red.

A recent betrayal has Isabel “Izzy” McKenzie tempted to avoid men for a while. Apparently, Destiny has other plans: she puts Cole Delaney in her path and the sexual chemistry immediately ignites between them.

Wear Something Red Anthology Book Pdf Download

Strong, solid and hot as hell, the undefeated world boxing champion pushes all her buttons. But Cole, focused on his career, has little time for relationships. Okay, she’s a busy girl herself.

They are both content to do what most of the club members do and stick to one simple rule. Until they are not. Until possessiveness sets in and they start breaking their own rules.
goodbye easy hello complicated.
Now they must decide how much more complicated to make things.

She started with a question… If I asked you to stay still and quiet like a good toy while I fuck you, would you do it?
Oh, Cat Dukas made it. He, too, had agreed to a loose settlement, though getting involved with a criminal mastermind wasn’t the smartest idea.

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Six months later, she continues to feel attracted to the dangerous and inscrutable Dantón Quintero. The problem is…she may feel like she’s getting too attached. She may tell herself that she doesn’t want anything serious, but she knows that’s a lie, just like she knows that he will never cross the line of casual. Far and away she stays away from the world.

Cat is left with only one option: to walk away before she gets further tangled up in him. What she would really do if he would stop making it difficult for her. Turns out Danton doesn’t part with what’s his that easily.

You have a face that the world yearns for. The other has a voice that makes your toes curl. Briar Leighton can admit that she’s attracted to both the elegant Trace Lacroix and the edgy Kaleb Westley.
Reasonable thinking leaves the building as you are offered a night of unrivaled pleasure. Together they deliver. Just a little problem…

Now she wants more, but the boys are against collusion and rarely play the same woman twice.
It’s good. Total. She will simply direct her attention to the other fish in the sea in the basement. Except… Trace and Kaleb don’t seem to like that. And now they’re all in her space, boldly possessive.
What is a girl supposed to do when two specimens of raw and deadly sexuality approach her like this? Well, Briar isn’t so sure yet.
[Warning: MFM]

burn for me
As a teenager, Inaya Rose Rafferty had two goals: to become a rock singer and to marry her idol, Kaiser Wolfe.
Her first dream then came true. As for her second, she has shed that youthful fantasy. Which is good, or she’d be heartbroken by how bad her first date went.

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Not that she could take Kaiser’s hostility personally. The beautiful rock legend is known for being outspoken and rude.
He is also her new neighbor. Also, she now visits the vault.
Considering that she often alternates between ignoring her and staring at her, Inaya doesn’t expect her to save her from an awkward situation. Or that she kisses her. Or that both of them will soon be enslaved by the sexual tension sizzling between them.

She agrees to a compromise, confident that she can put all her teenage fantasies in a box. But the lid begins to rattle as lust and obsession twist and tangle until they become something more, something more, something that begins with “L.”
Sexual chemistry had a lot to answer for.

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